Renault 369 or 915 trans. which is stronger?

Title pretty much says it all.
I'm getting closer to making my decision to get a NZ GT40 kit, and don't know if I should go ahead and get the Renault trans w/ beefed parts they have,,,,,or use a 915 porsche trans that I have from another project.

The kit is already set up for the Renault unit and using it would probably get the car finished faster. I'm not concerned about parts availability in the USA since I have most of my family still living in Belgium.

Initially the car will only have about a 320hp 5.0 liter in it,,,but eventually will probably have a stroker making around 400.

I like the fact that you can use a 10.5 inch ford clutch assembly in the Renault unit which is cheap compared to the clutches for a Porsche trans.

Those of you with experience having a V8 mounted to them, I would appreciate your input.
Thanks, Alain


Is the Renault trans you are referring to the same as the UN1 box that we use in UK? I do not recognise the part number you gave. My initial reaction would be that if the two are the same, then with your planned horsepower, the Renault would be ok. We use AP race clutches in them to stop slip which cost about £350 for paddle friction plate, high pressure cover and decent release bearing.

I'm not sure excatly which box it is.
I think it is the one used in Deloreons and Lotus Espirits? but am not certain.

I have been an SCCA club racer for about ten years, and am not hard on transmissions.
I also have no interest in drag racing or those types of brutal starts.

My concern is durability while out on the track for 20 minute sessions with the Porsche club driving events that I instruct for.

here is a link with a picture of one and the bellhousing/adapter for the ford V8


Alain, if you would like to send me contact info, I will see if I can put you in contact with a gentleman in Nashville who has a 915 in his DRB GT40. He has modified it to implement a hydraulic clutch rather than cable. I know he had to go through a couple of iterations before he was satisfied with it. In any case, it might be valuable to you to talk with him a bit. He is an old school chum of Dennis Bretton and had one of the first DRBs in the states and owns a machine company. He was very helpful to me when I used a set of DRB rear uprights with later model Corvette bits than they were designed for as he did also.


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Alain, my two cents is to go with the porsche box. It is a stronger unit. Renegade hybrids only makes bellhousings to fit chevy engines. I would contact Brett at Kennedy Engineering at (661) 272-1147. They'll have the bellhousing you need. I spoke to Brett yesterday concerning an adapter for my 427 sideoiler. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Good luck. Gregg

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One issue with the 915 is that it is a rear shifter. You can convert them to side shifters ($$$) or fab a linkage. These are fairly strong and run behind V8s regularly. I didn't go with the Renault as it's rare in the US. I think ot would be a reasonable solution though.

Check out my Audi setup. Cheap and easy.
Have you talked to the guys at Renegade Hybrids. They hookup the porshe units ( all of them ) to chevs mainly, but can do others also. Their setup is cable shift. They also alter the 915 ring gear and pinion for high HP aplications. their clutch is a kevlar unit. Have not priced them out "yet". they are based out of Las Vegas.web page
Hope that gets you to their site

I was just looking on the net for some info on different trans axles for a fiberfab Avenger IM working on and seen ware you said you used some late model vet parts.When I origanaly started to build my chassis I used an 86 vet for the front and rear suspension and was going to use a tornado trans axle but was then told to check in to Audi. I all ready have the rear vet parts and now Im wondering if I can use them if i use the Audi trans . The vet takes an axle that kind of looks like a drive shaft with universal joints I have the axles my problem is I ether need new axles that will bolt to the vet rear spindals or an yoke for the axles I have that will work with the Audi trans. Is this the same issue you had? I could rilly use some help on this. Belive it or not I have found two audi trans but not one tornado.
Earl S


Earl, years ago there were no transaxles available in the US that could reliably handle a V8 and be purchased by normal people. That is when the Tornado was looked at as an alternative. Today, there is no reason to put that behemoth into a sports car. The Audi will work fine. All you need is a simple adapter that will bolt to the CV flanges in the tranny and accept a U joint. You can come by and take a look at mine if you'd like. Any machine shop should be able to fabricate the adapter for you, no problem.
Thanks for the opinion's and offers to help.
It looks as if I am going to go ahead and use the Renault unit,,,,,my main reason being that I can use stock 10.5 inch (very reasonably priced) ford clutch disc/pressure plates.

The Porsche stuff just gets too high-too quick. I do not want to have a $500 clutch in my car.

I still am looking into comparing the gear ratios of each,,,,but for now,,,,I'm planning on sticking with the Renault unit.