repo VIN plates?

I am interested in these MKII plates historically speaking. I admit to having quiet a good knowledge of the GT40. By 1965 Shelby was handling the racing (through Kar Kraft) and FAV was building the production run. But if the only MKII that FAV were involved in were supplying the chassis themselves. The 427 big blocks 1965 Le Mans chassis numbers 106 and 107 were supplied by FAV; built by and developed by Shelby on the the preproduction chassis. All the 1966 MKIIa were built at the Shelby facillites and developed at Kar Kraft (The USA version of FAV). They would not of had MKIIa on them in 1966 since when would they know that for 1967 a development would be known as the MKIIb? (hindsight is a great thing). All the MKII plates I have seen would have an FAV chassis plate (I would think no mention of a MKII) since all the GT40P production run was for MKI initially and then an additional plate for the team or incorporating the team name i.e Shelby, Holman and Moody, Alan Mann? Would there be one for Kar Kraft some of the roadsters were built by them. Including the X-1. I differnately saw a plate with Holman and Moodys logo on it. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Regards Allan
Hi Guys

I have just been inundated with requests for plates. I'm out of the country for 9 days tomorrow so I'm a bit busy at the moment. Anyone wanting plates can contact me after the 15th of Sept and I'll get everyone fixed up. Contact me directly at [email protected]. Price of any plate style is $35. Also, if anyone has a photo of an authentic MK4 plate, please past it along. I've never seen a MK4 plate and consequently can't make one if they are different from the various MK1 / 2 varieties. I pride myself on exact replicas so any help would be appreciated. Dimensions would be very helpful also.


Just received my second vin plate from Lynn. The first was an FAV plate for my gt40 a couple rears ago. This past week I purchased a JW automotive plate for my other car. He and I coordinated vin punching since I didn't want perfect placement. (typical of original plates). He punched the numbers and they are 'spot on' what I wanted.
hey guys,
new to the gt40 family here...
i'm currently rebuilding a kva gt40 (wish me luck) and saw this post wanted to see if anyone is still constructing these repo vin plates? if so, may be interested in purchasing one. thanks and look forward to being part of the gt40 fam:)