Ricardo Clutch Adjustment

I'm trying to set the Tilton clutch pedal stop on the SLC. I had the pedal box out to move it farther forward which has given me much more room. I think I have everything bled correctly and have been following the Tilton instruction for setting the pedal stop but was wondering if anyone could tell me how much clutch throw they have with the Ricardo transaxle? I'm trying to figure out if I don't have enough throw or if I still have some air in the lines. Also is there any risk of overthrowing the clutch while I'm doing this? I'm making all of the adjustments with the engine off. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Scott
you can over-extend the clutch if you have too much throw; set it with the engine on - clutch in slowly until you get to the point where the clutch disengages, then set the stop a little bit past that point. Check it in first and reverse and you should be good. Compared to my other vehicles I'd say the Ricardo clutch has a long throw
Thanks, Alex. I think I got it sorted out. I bled the clutch again and got a bit more air after working the clutch a bit and was able to get it in first and reverse without any issues. Much easier with the engine running than how I was trying to set it. Thanks! Scott