Ron's Birthday

Best Wishes Ron, was just trying to think what I was doing when 41, its a while back!! Looks like you got the 460 for a present!!

Max Walter

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Happy Birthday from me too.

Well done for the continued upkeep of the forum, the #1 resource for online GT40 discussions.


Pete McCluskey.

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Have a great day Ron, don't fight any spam for 24 hours....If the site goes down we can handle it. Take a break, have some fine wine and kiss your girl. Thanks for a great forum. I have met some terrific people and hope one day to catch up with you and buy you a round or two.
Thanks Mate.

Ron Earp

Thanks fellows! I do plan to take it easy today and have a great day planned.

Here in a few minutes I'm taking Sydney to the bus stop on my motorcycle then heading down to the airport. I've been up since 530am studying as I have part of an FAA annual today from 10am to 12pm. Weather is beautiful, sunny with no clouds at KTTA. After the airport is lunch with some homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Afternoon has hitting the gym and doing a little TR8 injection map tuning based on an idea I has last night. Sydney comes home at 330pm, so off to fetch her on the moto and once home we'll play with her new kitten that came into the family last Monday. Then to dinner with the family at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

On top of all of that I got a 460 core yesterday at lunch and last night Fran sent me pictures of the Lola back from the paint shop (I'll get more of these on the build thread). The 12th anniversary of my 29th birthday is looking pretty swell, thanks guys!



Brian Hamilton

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Sounds like you have quite the day planned sir. Couldn't be better!! Have fun and be careful!!

Happy Birthday,


Peter Delaney

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Happy Birthday Ron !! Not many people can take the credit for providing fun & really useful info for some 8,870 other people !!

Kindest Regards,

Peter D.
Hey Ron: You and my wife share the same birthday. Sorry spent all my money on her and the 40.:laugh: Have a great day!!!:thumbsup:


Brian Kissel

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Happy Birthday Ron !!
I love the Lola, it looks like it will be a great ride. Here's to many more, and continued success.

Kindest Regards