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Well, after nearly 40 votes, #6 was the landslide winner with 15 votes, trailed by #3 at 7 votes, and #1 at 6 votes. #1 and #6 are so similar, you could almost put those votes together with a 3 to 1 vote for that style over the style of #3.
So, here we go. Will start with the roof scoop. Pics to come.
Was sitting back staring at SLC for wheel designs the other day, and in an effort to balance weight with strength I remembered a show I watched on bees and the reason they build in a honeycomb shape. It is the most efficient way to fill a circle. So, sketched this up. Would be a bespoke wheel as I havn't seen anything quite like it. It would ofcourse have more meat on it, but just getting the spoke placement and configuration down first.Sizes would be 19x11 front with a pretty flat face, then 19x14 rear with concave rear in 3 piece. Maybe in a monblock. Will depend on what the cad drawings look like.
Tires will be the new Kumho dot tires for the new Viper ACR. Reviews look really good and price is incredibly good for the sizes. 295/25/19 and 355/30/19. The big rear will really take out all fender gap, and should tuck about .5" of tire while keeping my current ground clearance of 3.5" Should be a pretty wicked stance. I think we can all agree I am not afraid to cut some fg to make them fit. :)

A couple pics of what I have been working on for the new engine cover. Will have an acrylic window over the manifold itself. It fits the car much better imo. It still has a small clash with the roof vent. Don't be surprised if the roof vent is missing from my next photos. Lol


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Google Honeycomb wheels - lots of nice examples out there... Pontiac was one of the first to use Honeycomb wheels on some of their cars to my recollection.
They called them honeycomb, but they didn't have hexagons in them. I wanted 6 sided shapes, with 6 basic spokes. I have found the more mathmatically aligned a part can be, the better it usually looks. Atleast to rain man like guys like myself. Lol.
Scott have you researched tires for those rim sizes? I hear a lot of complaining on viper forums about tire choices for those sizes. The acr guys are going to 18in fronts to get better/more choices.
Scott have you researched tires for those rim sizes? I hear a lot of complaining on viper forums about tire choices for those sizes. The acr guys are going to 18in fronts to get better/more choices.
To answer your question, yes. Lol. They are the tires designed for the new ACR. I did have that in my post, but maybe you didn't make it down far enough to catch it. Price is pretty cheap too considering.

Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR

How are you controlling and diverting water that enters your scoops, roof and bonnet.
Not driving in the rain will be my first line of defense. Lol.

I have been pacing back and forth about removing the roof scoop all together. But, if it stays, I was only going to use it for cabin air. In that scenario, pull air from high, and create a low spot which would get a drain hooked to a rubber line that would run down the a pillar and down side of chassis to ground.
For the bonnet, a little water wouldn't hurt anything.
Balder than Telly Savalas! Really made a big impact on how the engine cover is and the roof line. Took quite a few beers in me to do it, but, roof scoop is gone. Will post pics when filled back in. Now I don't get any clash between engine cover and it opens up for alot different designs for it.

Finally after a year of looking for tail lights (the last ones just have too many angles i think) I finally settled on a set. They are universal, and made more for trucks/trailers, but are made by an Australian company, so I have never seen anything like it before here. Hoping it will look like a bespoke tail light made specifically for the car. They are exactly the size I need and styled to fit how I want in the new rear. Will still probably put a tinted lens over it.
They are road legal in Australia, marked IP67 and sealed. Hoping they won't give me any problem here when it comes to getting it titled. If so, I will just put 2 4" rounds in its place. No biggy.


Ken Roberts

Technically the lighting must be stamped DOT. In Canada we can use headlights that are ECE marked which is the European standard. Unfortunately ECE headlights are illegal in the USA. The IP67 designation I would assume would be needed for boat trailers that back up into water. Tinting a lens or installing a cover over them is also illegal. Some guys put covers over their headlights/tail lights and then are ticketed by police enforcement. Also tinting their side marker lights and being ticketed. The blacked out look is cool but big time illegal.
Technically yes, they could reject them. Considering they let my custom chopper get titled without any dot lighting, turn signals, or even any wiring in the bike at all, I feel very good that Oregon won't be a problem.
If I sell car to someone that has stricter licensing requirements, a guy could unbolt these, and put 2 4" dot trailer lights in it's place. Thats why I would put a lens. Then any traces of a swap would be covered by the lens and not change the over all outter shape of the light.
Yup, tinted lens are illegal as written, but you also see alot more production cars using clear housings and red leds (instead of red tinted lens which is how law is written) and factory tinting. As long as you have the correct light intensity, you could argue it.
I have a feeling I won't have a problem getting pulled over for much larger infractions anyways. Haha

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I have a feeling I won't have a problem getting pulled over for much larger infractions anyways...
No matter the circumstance to which you may be referring, "getting pulled over" up here where I live is a lead pipe cinch - no matter what - in a car like the one you're building.

Trust me... :evil:
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Wow! Just what mine needed with the rear scoops! I am now back to one flowing roof line. Yes!.Very happy with it. Seems it is falling together now.
Behind rear tire is approx how it will look from side. Outside of the new, shorter design rear diffuser,, I am thinking of just leaving the whole rear open except where the tail lights will be. Should be absolutely menacing if you were sitting behind it.
Pictures are edited to help blur out the details that aren't finished. Just helps me visualize the shape and not details.