Sequential 6 speed gearbox for Cleveland Block

I am new on the forum, and I am a de Tomaso Pantera aficionado. Those cars run a Ford 351 Cleveland block, with a rear drivetrain.
I race Panteras in classic cars in Europe, and finished 13rd at the performance index last week at Le Mans Classic ( plateau 6 ) .
I now start working on another of my Pantera's, that raced at Le Mans back in 1994, and won the British GT championship in 1995. It is a very fast car, that is in the restoration process. It needs an engine ( solved) and a gearbox.(unsolved)
This car is a very sophisticated car, 650 HP+, enormous torque, 1000 kilos, dry sumped, fuel injected, oil pre-heater, ground effect, ... and I was advised, on the Pantera forum, to get in touch with your forum, as someone here may have experienced linking a ( second hand) 6 speed sequential gearbox, either to a Ford 289 or a 351 C or W ?
The transmission system is very similar ( if not identical ) between a GT40 and a Pantera.( Panteras normally run a 5 speed ZF). So, your experience in this field is of high value for me, and if you know of a 6 sp. sitting somewhere on a garage shelf, please let me know
Patrick, may i sugest you get in touch with either Quaife, or Zedev, as there the only two manufactuers i no of that do a sequential for that Hp and Torque.
i run a quaife 6 speed sequential in a clubman 7 racer, and its a brilliant bit of kit, highly reccomend
cheers John


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When I was looking at parts for my car I was looking at the Hewland NLT, as I recall available in 6 speed and sequential. It was pretty compact as well. You will have to do your own bell housing, but that should not be a huge deal as someone said "if you can afford the gear box, you can afford someone to make a bell"

Hewland NLT Gearbox Specification

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One thing to watch out for is the size of the case. I don't know how much room (rear) the pantera has from memory, but I don't think much. The Sand buggy boxes are LONG and often will not fit in a 40, not sure if they can be squeezed into a Pantera. The Helwand is pretty short as I recall. Other road race boxes might be from Emco (about double the cost of the Hewland)

EMCO Gears, Inc. GA46

Xtrac also makes them, and I'm sure really expensive as well -


And lastly these
I don't know what they have in 6 speeds and anything they had worthy of power was either way too big for the GT40's or too VW'ish as I recall. The SDR is a 5 speed and not sure if avail sequential or if really available.

Also might check what Quaife has, but might be expensive too.

I think some sites above have dimensions, and don't forget to account for the bellhousing.

Cleveland with a 6 speed, seems like you might be down on the power if you need that many gears :) (just kidding of course!)



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Look on this site and e mail / sen a pm to Fox1

Wanni who goes under this name builds gearboxes for the high end cars like Ascari, Koenenzig etc.