Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

I appreciate all the posts with the descriptions of "Wine Glass" Halibrand style wheels -- both original magnesium and aluminum alloys. However, I am still interested in finding out if these "bolt on" wheels are still available and at what cost. I would appreciate knowing this info so I can still sell these wheels at an appropriate price. (At least the $10,000.00 list price I listed received the feedback I hoped for.). I look forward to getting more information about these wheels. Thanks to all you guys who posted in this thread.

Howard Jones

Thanks Frank, Phil is a good guy and I'm glad to hear he has successfully moved on. I'd like to see your pics when you have a chance.

DG, I think you have a set of somebody's used set of replica wheels of unknown linage and age. Maybe something like 1/2 to 2/3s of the cost of current a new replica set. Just guessing in the 800-1200 range if you can find a buyer.

Here's a set kind of like yours:
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Ron Scarboro

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The diameter of the bolt pattern, offset and widths would be important to the buyer. Assuming you find someone with a car they fit, I'd think $800-$1,000. Knowing the manufacturer would be helpful.
Howard and Ron -- Thanks again for the info. I will check to find the manufacturer's stamp or mark -- and then list them for sale again -- at an appropriate price. Best wishes to you both.
Halibrand Wheels was actually producing aluminum wine-glass wheels in Santee, California in the mid-90's. I have their catalog still from a visit made to see them back then as ERA was spec'ing them for the GT. They had both a pin drive and a 5-lug design with their classic spinner. These look like the 5-lug style they were selling at the time. I recall them to be around $500 a wheel which in 1995 was alot. Halibrand left california to some place in the mid-west soon after. These are not Phil Schmidt "Elanor" wheels, nor are they Image wheels. If these are what I think they are, they are quite unique in terms of being true Halibrands and one piece castings (not 3-piece leakers or Phil's 2-piece rim and center design. Best of luck with the sale. I think they have a great vintage look and would look nice on a Mustang or many other vintage rides.

Darnel A.

Frank, Hi how are you? haven't spoke in a while. Ya that's right. I wasn't very clear. I was trying to add a source for the "wine glass" Halibrands that the thread is about. However my history with Phil at PSE is in relation to the BRM's I had him made. As you can see he does Halibrand style wheels like the pictures in the 1st post as well.

I haven't spoke to Phil in awhile but I would think that a set of his wheels would be less than half of the $10000 price posted above.

By the way Frank would you have a picture of the actual real deal wheel that would be correct for the time. I have always wondered what the real deal looked like. There are so many different replica wheels out there I really have no idea what is right. I would love to know what the the correct wheel looked like.
Here are my BRM's:

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Here are what the 'real deal' BRM's look like. These are magnesium from Alan Mann cars. It took a lot of money and a lot of effort for me to get these.
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Hi, these are my wineglass Image wheels. They are the old style Image Halibrand . Email Harry at image wheels in UK. They still have the moulds.
I’m sure you can get them as bolt on.

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PSE’s telephone number is no longer valid. The wheels the OP (DG) posted for sale are rare. Too bad no one seems to manufacture cast alloy wine glass, 5 lug wheels stateside.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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PSE’s telephone number is no longer valid. The wheels the OP (DG) posted for sale are rare. Too bad no one seems to manufacture cast alloy wine glass, 5 lug wheels stateside.

I have a set of five PIN wineglass wheels available. Not lug type but knock offs with five drive pines.

Terry Oxandale

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Hi, just write Harry or Jane on [email protected]

They do more wheels than whats in the online catalog.

They also do spinner adapters to most PCD’s and bolton. Worth a try now witb the exchange rates.

2X on this. I have their "wineglass" wheels, and have raced them for years now. Liked the Image products so much, I'm waiting for a second set for street tires to arrive soon.