Shift linkage nut, ZF


Sorry, I can't answer that question but I'd suggest replacing the bolt through the locknut (visible to the left of the ZF shaft) with a longer one. The bolt through a locknut should have at least 1 1/2 threads showing.

Mark Boyers

Well spotted that man, and turn it round putting the bolt in from the top so you don’t lose it if the nut dose happen to drop off if possible
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Doc Watson

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Can you measure to od of the thread and also how many pitches there are in say 10mm of thread. As ZF are a German company the thread will probably be metric but measurements will confirm this.

Ron McCall


The nut is 12mm x 1.5 . Where are you located?
If you are in the states, I can send you a nut and keyway. ( I think I have spares anyway)