Shortened water pump

In the drive to make my GTD quieter, I'm going to try and soundproof the bulkhead as much as possible.
The distance between the front of the water pump and bulkhead seems to be the limiting factor to insulating the bulkhead.
I was just wondering is there is a shorter pump made for the SBF or if when fitting an electric pump, the front of the pump can be chopped right back and a new pulley/mount made (just a thought for the future)
There are remote mount inline water pumps that remove the engine mounted pump. That would probably save the most space. You would just have to figure out how to run your belts without a water pump pulley.

Traditional electric water pumps mount in the same location and have no pulley, and there are some that mount in the same location and have an idler pulley to keep the belt routing stock.

Brian Magee


I posted a water pump for sale last December 23rd which is still under the bench. It has the front machined off and a freeze plug fitted. If you do a search there is a picture of it. This was for someone else doing the same thing but we then discovered he had a 351 not a 302 so I modified his existing pump and this one became redundant.

The shortest water pump I know of is on a 1996-00 Ford Explorer. You will need the timing case as well.

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Chris Duncan

The Ford Motorsport short waterpump measures about 5 inches, clockwise rotation. Bolts directly to a '91 HO 302 front cover. You can turn the pulley flange around on the shaft and get another 1/4" or so. To get all the drive belts back further you need custom pulleys because the pulleys made to fit are too far foward because they use existing alternator mounts. In other words no one makes pulleys that are as far back as would be possible.

The shortest electric water pump I could find that mounts in the existing position (non remote) measures 5.5" and it doesn't have a pulley.

I have a Ford MS shorty water pump that I need to sell because I'm using an electric water pump for various reasons, but primarily because it's so crowded around the firewall.

I think I spent about $110.00 but I'll take $80.00. Brand new, never used. PM if interested.