Shorty water pump for 302

I'm working on my 302 based engine. Somewhere I read that I need a "shorty" water pump. My engine builder got a timing cover and water pump with the inlet on the right as viewed from the driver. I need a pump with an inlet on the left to fit the rest of my Tornado package. I have found one from Speedway Motors that claimed to be a "shorty" but it is a little less than 5" to the edge of the casting and less than 6" to the front side of the hub. These dimensions are the same on my original right pump and left pump. I have found a real "shorty" pump from CVF Racing that is quite a bit shorter, but I'm not positive that it will bolt up to my timing cover, at least it does not have as many bolts (but the ones that are there seem to be in the right places).

My question to you is: do I really need a shorty pump or will the pump with 5" to the casting (or 6" to the hub face) dimensions work in a Tornado GT40?

-Bob Woods

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Bob, it's been years since I looked into the same thing for my car. As I recall, the shortest waterpump was for the Ford Explorer. A few things about that combination had me looking in alternative directions:
1) Requires the right timing chain cover / housing
2) The only harmonic balancer that would work with the pulleys and that front cover was an Explorer specific balance which had an integral serpentine pulley
3) The pulleys which were available for that pump seemed to be very limited and only serpentine.

All of this caused me to ditch the plans for a belt driven waterpump and I went with a front mounted electric pump.

This is all from memory and about 8 years ago.. There may be different options available now.
Ever thought about an electric pump, they can be setup for left and right...

The 94/95 mustangs used a short reverse rotation water pump. All reverse rotation pumps used an alternative timing cover. I believe some have used this pump configuration along with the E351S from Ford performance parts. The E351S claims 1.5" shorter than the standard and should bolt to (almost all) standard rotation timing covers. I'm sure there are some exceptions...

I had a similar interrogation for a Ford 302/331, in a scratch-built MK1, not very different from a Tornado .

After investigation with mechanic and electric solutions, I finally decided for a FORD RACING cover + water pump : M - 8501 -A 50 .

I got it from Summit Racing ( Presently $ 195) , but it looks that any serious dealer have it ...

The main point is the reverse pump rotation direction ...
The second point is to find the right pulley , related to the harmonic balancer pulley you have; (I made both myself ...)

I am very satisfied with the result as the 302 is nested behind the bulkhead without any protuberance ....



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Thank you to everyone that posted. Here is what I derived from the discussion.

Electric water pump is compelling; however, for the time being, I just want to stay with the original Tornado configuration. I might change many things later, but I'm just eager to get on the road.

Evidently a normal water pump, 5.7" from pump to hub face, will work. The shorty pump will give more clearance and will be a tighter package. I might be able to reduce the size of the bump in the firewall since my driver's seat is hitting it now.

I think I will go with the shorty water pump, pulleys, and alternator mounts from CVF Racing. I will probably have to build new mounts for the A/C compressor. I hope it all works out.

-Bob Woods