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Simple cure for the seemingly perpetually leaking Ram Pro Lift Pump?

Challenge - Many of us have come to be frustrated a what appears to be a leaking Ram Pro pump. Many have tightened, sealed and rechecked all fittings multiple times only to have the same result - a perpetually 'wet' pump and hoses, or worse. Well, there may be a cure, at least there is a solution to my version of the problem. Hopefully this may be a cure for you as well.

Cause - In my case it was (finally) discovered that when lowering the car the stream of fluid returning from the lift pucks though the reservoir would shoot directly at the cap. This would happen with such volume and velocity that the cap would become continuously 'flooded' (regardless of fluid level). This in turn would 'block' the vent whole and fluid deflector disc in the cap with fluid, since the reservoir had to vent, the only thing it could vent was fluid.

Effect - I kid you not, (at it's recent worst) there was a 3 inch stream of fluid coming from the top of the reservoir cap every time I lowered the car. Since my lift pump is normally completely sealed off from prying eyes, it took quite some time to realize the cause.

Solution - Tilton has a filter screen available for the standard reservoir shipped with the Ram Pro Lift. The filter to my knowledge is not included with the lift system. The filter has a solid bottom to it, and the bottom should deflect the stream of fluid from reaching the cap. In my case I only had a Wilwood filter available, so in my haste to see if this would in fact work I adapted it to fit the Tilton part.

Result - The filter deflects the fluid as anticipated and I finally have a completely dry floor and pump assembly on the passenger side of my car (my lift pump is in the front of the passenger footbox).

Disclaimer - I have not tested the Tilton filter yet as it's at least a week out on order. The difference between the two is the Wilwood has a flatter bottom.

Mr. Campbell .... will add this information to the wiki and any other location deemed appropriate.

Jim Craik

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Rob, nice seeing you and your ride on Saturday... I love the look, your car is a natural for the Martini Livery. I like the understated look.


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Rob, it looks good, but I like it more just plain white. In particular the modern rims make me think of the vehicles in Oblivion...


Hey Mesa, I think that wrap could work, but I would not leave the white "blades in front of each wheel, I would color those as well. Are you thinking of doing a wrap? or paint?
Definitely a wrap, as I want to practice doing vinyl graphics and I don't want to be locked into any particular design.
I'll check out covering the blades.

Thanks all for the input.
On of my favorite fruitcakes is at it again, interesting to get to look at the body innards as far as airflow. Who knows if it will ever get finished, but I'll check in awhile to see what happens. Sounds like Chris Ahern will me doing the chassis.
I wonder if Casey ever heard of decaf ;)