SLC 001 Build

Considering upgrading to Corvette ZO7 carbon ceramic brakes, I'd like to read comparisons between the iron and carbon setups. Now you'd think the Corvette forums would be where to go, so far I have not seen the information I'm looking for. Primary question is - does carbon require less pedal pressure to get the same stopping power? Or give better stopping power for the same pedal effort? Or is the main advantage just reduced weight?

Can anyone out there point the way?
The corvette forums are not really the place to go to get feedback on them. Mostly they just complain how expensive they are, and how they all wish they had gotten a cheap option.... In reality, most of the guys on the forum never track their cars, and probably don't put that many miles on their cars.

Low street mile use cars and/or low number track days cars it is the clear choice. That describes 90% of the SLC's I know of.

Rent a gt4 or something with them for the day, it sold me on them. Much better information on them on the porsche forums. The good is that all the corvette guys want to get ride of them and sets can be had very cheap. It's new caliper and parking brake mounts if you do it, you probably know that.