Snap Ring Pliers

I have a fair collection of snap ring pliers that I have accumulated over the years, cheapies, Craftsman, K&D, etc. I can pretty much say that none of them work very well. Have any of you found high quality snap ring pliers? Looking for tools that work on internal and external snap rings in sizes from about 0.250" diameter up through about 3" diameter. What are you all using? Thanks, Bill
Bill: I found a set of 8 at Harbor Freight sizes .038 to .090. They are cheeze-ball ones from China and are reversable. They have worked ok so far when I was in a pinch. About $16.00 for the set including the storage box. The Snap-On dealer wanted About $45.00 for just the one size I needed. I took a chance on the set and they worked ok. Not good for every day use if your a Tech though.............
Generally those reversible ones work OK on smaller rings, but I think a lot depends on the type of snap ring and the tension it has.
I bet I have about 9 or 10 pair and thats because I just got tired of trying to use one or two to do everything, and those crappy ones with the removable tips that get loose and disappear into the bottom of the tool box gotta go. Nothing like a 1/2 pair of pliers when you need it.
I have some with straight tips which are slightly cupped, pins bent and straight in a couple of sizes, and there is always the grinder to tune them up, ones with flats on the end and my favorite is the one that ratchets like a hemostat and holds the ring so you can concentrate on pulling it out of the bore.
I just buy the cheapies, and grind the ends to fit or bend and re-temper the tips....if they break its only a few bucks.
Get a good pair for the serious rings you wont be sure beats blood blisters.