So it begins

Hi All

Just wanted to say hello, new to the forum and I have been looking at the various build threads with interest.

I have today booked a factory visit to Tornado to start the ball rolling.

I am based in Melksham, Wiltshire is there anyone near that is currently building a GT40?


Randy V

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to

Looking forward to reading of another build here!
Hi Mark,

Welcome to the mad house.... I'm in Chichester so a couple of hours away but if you fancy popping over you would be very welcome I'm about halfwayish through my Southern GT and always happy to chat GT40 to people :thumbsup:

Mark, I advise that you think long and hard before pressing the button. A project like this is a huge investment in time and money, neither of which you will get back unless you research and understand what you are getting into. And its not just time and money, at the end of the day you will want to drive this thing, so safety must also be a huge consideration, you have to know what you are doing I have seen and spoken to guys who have been persuaded ( or persuaded themselves ) that they can build a car in a few weeks with a hammer and a screwdriver, only to find that their abilities and their partners patience preclude that they ever finish the project. I am not trying to dissuade you, just place a caution in your mind, talk to the guys who have been there/done that, research all of the manufacturers / suppliers, join the enthusiasts club and read up everything you can - do all of that before you hand out a fat deposit and worry if you have done the right thing. At the end of the day, unless you are very rich, you need some residual value in your investment, you will need to recover as much as you can or even make a profit, but decisions made now will be a significant affect on whether you achieve that when you need to.

Mike Pass

Like Frank says - research 5 times - spend once. Join the club and talk to everyone who has a car or are building cars and find out about everything. Then decide exactly what you want in terms of spec and cost. It is a very big investment of money and time.
Thank you for warm welcome to the forum.

Paul, thanks for the invite to come and see your build, I may take you up on the offer in the future.

Frank, also thank you for your advise and comments I am sure others would also find this useful when researching a car to build.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into a GT40 build as this will be something slightly different to what I would normally build, it would also mean that my wife will not always look at the weather reports before going out on a drive!

Mark, I'm in Paignton, Devon only a couple of hours away and have a factory built MDA mk1. You are more than welcome to come and view it and I'll even take you for a spin if you like. There is a car show on Paignton Green on the 4th April (Easter Sat) and mine will be on show. Why not take a day out and come and visit. A look round a completed one (and take as many pictures as you like) could be a help in your build.
So I have now placed my order and I am really looking forward to starting the build. Just have to sort out my workshop a good time to have a good clear out.
Hi Mark

Welcome and congratulations, like others have said its a massive undertaking. I strongly suggest you join the Enthusiasis club, membership has been very useful to me and Ive met some good friends through it.
The club should be exhibiting at the Bristol Classic car show in June at Shepton Mallet and there are usually a couple of cars on display.

I am in Bristol by the way.
Thanks Jason for the advice, I will sort out membership soon. I will have to come down to the show and have a look.

Paul, I have gone with Tornado and I will be building to factory spec or as close to with my own personal little changes, interior etc.


Dave Collins

HI Mark,

Apologies I missed your initial post. I am just down the road in Bath (used to live in Melksham) and have an RCR if you want to arrange to come over and take a look sometime

Also an update on Jayson's comment is that I think the club are giving the Bristol show a miss. We will however have a couple of cars at least at the Bath Festival of Transport on 20th/21st June.

There are a couple of Tornado owners in the GT40EC South West group. Next meeting is on Monday 11th May near Stroud. If you want to come along let me know and we can arrange to meet. If weather is good I will probably take the 40.


Scott Calabro

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the club. If you need any tech assistance or just want to chat, you can call me or email me at any time.

Looking forward to seeing your finished car in the Tornado gallery ;)

Hi Mark I'm pleased for you m8 ... Hoping to pick mine up in December fingers crossed .. Don't forget put some pikys up please ..