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Mike D

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Hoping to have shocks next week. Engine is a ways out and wheels and tires are still up in the air. I swear one of these years I am not doing anything to the car so I can start driving it in May and not July for a change.

Mike D

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Yes, alloy 302 LeMans spec cam. Induction is still being decided. I want Webers. Not sure I will end up having them or not.
Hi Mike, Would you be able to give some details on the blue protective tape you have used, I have a similar need for my project, I tried extra long life masking tape, but found after a few weeks it was impossible to remove.
Many thanks
Try using 3M Vinyl lane marking tape 471. It is used for line marking sport stadiums courts and does not lift the floor varnish or the paint on a wall when it is removed.


Mike D

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Graeme, I've never had that problem. It is a very dry climate in Colorado so maybe that helps. It certainly has never lifted any paint when removing it.

Randy V

Looks just like any Painters Tape that you can buy at the home improvement stores.... 3M makes it as well as a number of other manufacturers.. I switched over to Frog-Tape as it holds just a little bit better and never leaves a residue when removed...

Your engine sounds good.. You may miss some of the torque of your old engine but the reduction in weight will have a net positive effect...

Larry L.

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I want Webers. Not sure I will end up having them or not.
Wouldn't one of the Weber 'look-alike' fuel injection setups be less hassle to tune (etc.)...or no?

I've been told horror stories about both, but, of the two, Webers seem to have the worst rep overall in the PITB department.


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Sorry I missed out on the engine but maybe I helped motivate the other buyer when I offered to pay your asking price when he was low balling. I moved on and bought another GT40 Mk I by ERA. New and never had the Certificate of Origin removed from the sealed plastic bag the ERA sent it in. Oh and it has Inglese Weber 48 IDAs installed. Compared to a 4 bbl carb they look intimidating, but if you look at it as broken elements they aren't bad to work on...well at less I think? Show us the finished product when you can..Your in prime driving time