SouthernGT upright rear parking brake MC4


With the great help of Morten. I was able to make my own parking brake bracket for the MC4 parking caliper. Now it is not tested only fitted. Bracket replaces the one that comes on the caliper itself it is 3/16" carbon steel. There is a 4mm alloy spacer in the caliper that gives the width to go over the AP rotor.
Bracket 3.5.jpg
Bracket 1.5.jpg
Bracket 2.5.jpg
Bracket 4.5.jpg
Yes, I had to mill down my plate to get the calipers centered on the disk. I went to a little trouble to measure, scan, and draw all of the parts to get it to fit on the center of the disk. It appears you have already done that, but I could probably find the drawing if you need it.

Bob Woods