Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

Hi everyone,

I figure I’d get started and create my build thread. I ordered an SLC 8 weeks ago so delivery date is something like 8 to 16 weeks out

This will be my first component/kit car although at 19 years old I semi-restored a 68 Corvette. Did some body work, hand made the entire interior and some chassis work.

I started getting the itch to build a component car and started looking at various kits. I ran across the SLC on the web and thought it would be a very interesting and challenging build. Being a huge IMSA GTP fan I just think driving around town in a GTP car would be a lot of fun.

I stopped by Stephan’s house to check his SLC out and was sold on the car. The major issue being I did not think I could fit in the car. Stephan recommended I go up to RCR and see a completed car in person and also see the optional parts first hand. So took a trip to see Fran, sat in a number of SLCs and realized I can fit-barely but I can fit so decided to order one.

Here is the Build/options list..

Body Style*: Race Tail
Gelcoat Color*: Deep Blue
Rear Wing & Mount*: Carbon Fiber
Mirrors*: Door-Mount Electric
Windows*: One Piece
Splitter*: Street, Carbon Fiber
Side Skirts: Carbon Fiber
Fender Vents: Carbon Fiber
Windshield: DOT-Approved Glass
Rear Window Vents Carbon Fiber
Inner Fender Panels:
Wheels*: Forgestar F14
Wheel Sizes: 19 x 9.5/10 Front and 20 x 12 Rear $0
Wheel Color*: Gunmetal
Wheel Hubs: Five Lug
Brakes: Brembo OEM
Brake Caliper Color*: Gray
Parking Brake: Complete Kit
Adjustable Pedals: Full Kit
Drive: Left Hand
Shock Asorbers: QA1 Double Adjustable
Safety Cage: Removeable Side-Impact Bars
Steering: Street/Track, Manual
Suspension Upgrade: None
Dashboard: Fiberglass
Driver Seat: Two-Piece, Fiberglass, Wide
Passenger Seat: Two-Piece Fiberglass
Cockpit "Tub" and Panels: Fiberglass
A Pillar Covers: Fiberglass
Extended Door Panels: Carbon Fiber
Transaxle & Billet Shifter: V8 Graziano
Transaxle / Engine Adapter Plate:
Graziano Accessories: Transaxle Completion Kit
Fuel Tank: Standard
Exhaust: None
Cooling Tubes: Stainless tubes, unassembled
Front Box Heat Deflector: Fiberglass
Packing Method: Custom Wood Crate

The general theme of my car will be street oriented. Fully finished interior mostly with alcantera, some leather and carbon fiber trim.

Modern digital dash and using the Digital Koso RXF cluster,

Engine: LT4 with full emissions components since I have to pass NJ emissions.

Ordered the .9 drop gears from Holinger. I think they will be great with the street maners of the LT4 engine.

Also thinking about doing power steering and brakes.
If I can figure out a way to do the electric doors but allow them to also work in a manual way then I’ll do that, otherwise I’ll use the Mesa mod.

Ordered the dark blue Gelcoat but at some point will paint it Dodge B5 Blue, should look great on an SLC.

Have a few body mods in mind, but I may outsource that piece of the project depending how confident I feel I can tackle it.

Anyway, really looking forward to getting started and meeting more people in the Superlite and GT40s community.
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Thanks guys, really looking forward to the build. Cam, I really enjoy your blog and may do something similar and it’s great having Stephan nearby and see first hand how excellent his build is and How he approaches things.


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I think power steering would be a huge improvement for a street car if you can figure out how to do it. JMHO, but power brakes really aren't necessary.

I think power steering would be a huge improvement for a street car if you can figure out how to do it. JMHO, but power brakes really aren't necessary.
Thanks Pete, I think one of my favorite SLC videos is yours when you backed out of the driveway then lowered the nose and took off down the street, then did a drive by passed your house. I probably watched that video 10 times. Car looks great.

Anyway, not 100% sure I’ll do the power brake thing. If not, do you have a recommendation for a good street pad with lots of grab?


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I've never changed the pads from whatever came with the kit. I assume they're the stock AC Delco pads. They work great, although they do create a lot of brake dust.
i really like the
Hawk Performance HT 10 Racing Brake Pads but they screach a little.
The EBC yellow stuff were good too. Warm up faster too, but a little less grip.

Dan Carter

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I’ve had the best overall results with my Corvette track car using the EBC yellow stuff. For me it is an excellent street/track pad. There are obviously dedicated track pads or street pads, but I have never had Yellow stuff fade at the track and reasonably low dust for street use. I’ve been using it for years now. Good hunting.
First couple pics of my SL-C getting finished up at RCR. I am looking forward to getting started and sharing the build experience. This is gonna be so much fun!

Deep blue gelcoat:

Low profile removable side impact bars in process:
HI Joel, whats the fitment issue between you and the SLC? curious because I'm 6'7" and would likely have similar issues

The short answer is legroom is less of an issue but Torso height is. Everyone’s body is different, I am 6’2 250 pounds. Should be 220 but that’s a whole other story. Inseam is like 33” so most of my height is in my torso. That is the main issue in order to fit in an SL-C. My head will just clear the roof with the dropped floor pan and seat at the same angle as the interior tub(about 45 degrees). I am not planning on tracking the car but if I did I would have to lay the seat down more and I don’t think I would like that.

I went up to RCR(I highly recommend anyone considering buying a Superlite kit to do so) to sit in a couple cars which had various configurations.

If it turns out you don’t fit or are not comfortable in an SL-C, the GT-R cabin would easily accommodate you.
Removable side door bars are now powder coated, door hinge openings are trimmed and car should be ready to ship by Dec 9th, looking good...



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The SL-C is crated up and ready to ship. Delivery should be sometime this week. I have the scissor jack lift ready to go. I sized it so the dropped floor pan will sit between the lift’s side rails. Knowing the car is rear weight biased I may need a jack stand under the engine mount or some other place in the rear of the chassis. I bought the lift to raise the car up to a decent height to work on. This lift can raise to 26” and is easily storable in a small area.


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Well, the day finally came. Thanks to Vicki, Kristen, and Fran for bringing products like the SL-C to market. In short, the kit is amazing. Building this car is going to be so much fun.

Stewart Transport arrived at my house at around 10AM. Because I had a crated shipment it was a very interesting task of unloading the car. Due to the size of the crate it was not possible for the driver to use the on board crane to simply lower the crate onto my driveway. Instead we opened the crate in the trailer. Took out the front and rear clams, doors, windows and windsheild. Many many boxes and then finally we used the crane to pick up the chassis with the spyder attached. Very similar how they deliver factory five kits.

Warren the driver was awesome and we worked together for over 4 hours and got everything into the garage. Next step is inventory. My first impression of the kit is that I am really impressed. From the quality of the body, the carbon fiber optional parts, to the workmanship on the chassis itself. Just very satisfied with the kit.

Next step is inventory and building a body buck. Here are a few pics...

Stewart Transport in Factory Five Livery delivering a Superlite. They picked the car up on Monday and brought it straight to NJ, great people to do business with and highly recommended....

This was a daunting task...

Once the back of the crate was off we started taking as many components and boxes out, All the Carbon Fiber parts were wrapped well in bubble wrap and arrived in perfect condition ....

Amazing how many boxes of parts there are....

Front nose extracted from the trailer, the quality of the body is very good....

Now getting a little more organized....

Warren hooking up the straps to the side bars and front suspension mount points..

Finally out of the trailer...

We dropped the chassis onto the dolly. Good thing I had a box of hockey pucks around, I was able to lower the chassis on 8 hockey pucks and avoid resting the chassis on the drop floors. Worked out great and we rolled the dolly over the scissor jack then easily lifted the chassis up so the dolly could be removed. The EZCarlift works very well.....


And now on to inventory and body buck!
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Congrats Joel! The first day is always a bit surreal I think. Just out of curiosity ... how the heck did they get the crate on if they couldn’t get it off the same way but in reverse?