spf gt40p2124 for sale in Missouri

Delivered in December 2006 this is the only fe powered superformance gt 40 that has been delivered. This is a mk2 and the original mk2's had 427 sideoiler engines. This car has a new old stock 427 side oiler cast in 1966 that was found still in the original crate ( short block). This motor was completed by Kieth Craft and documented as a n.o.s. . All of the original short block parts were reinstalled after inspection and the engine was completed with Edlebrock stage 2 heads, roller rockers ect. engine dynoed at 550 h.p..

This car was assembled by Dennis Oltoff.
The price is $140,000.00 u.s.
Pictures of the car can be seen on this website under/ wordwide events/
mk 2 at ford meet by Ron Clapp


Steve C

GT40s Supporter
Garry...Jerry's car will be auctioned @ Russo and Steel's Montery auction this Fri...Steve........

ps I have sister car ( P2125 ) with a 427 Shelby block FE being shipped to me out of Olthoff tomorrow.