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Not sure if this is a topic that’s been covered before or not however, does anyone know a company or of any steel or aluminium spiders available for sale? This is something I really want to add to my build however the thought of a scratch build is pretty scary.
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Unlike in glass the real deal is actually a pressing for the top and two legs for the A piller brazed or welded together. Someone here must know who makes these parts for those that are making replica tubs. In aluminum, shops like Marcel’s in Norco SoCal could duplicate the spider parts in their sleep. Don’t know how much that would cost.

Ian Anderson

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Damn my memory is good!


Damn my memory is good!

Thanks Ian

Mike Pass

I suspect that a steel spider section will be hard to find as people are very possessive about original parts and the spider section is the hardest to make and a press tool for the panels is huge and expensive.The people who build original chassis most likely won't want to sell the spider section as they want to make money selling complete chassis. An aluminium spider will not be much stronger than a fibreglass one and very expensive to have made. As your chassis does not have a roll cage it might be best to build a rollover structure under the fibreglass one. The normal style of roll cage has an issue which Frank has pointed out. This is that driving the car without a helmet in the event of a sudden stop your head can contact the round roll cage with very unpleasant and possibly fatal results. A better structure could be constructed from steel sheet made into a very flattened profile so the the underside is flat and can be covered with suitable impact foam. The top can be profiled to fit into the spider underside. The centre section between the doors can be made into a shallow box. The pillar struts and the hoop behind the driver can be the usual round roll cage material and this can have a diagonal and angled struts leading backwards through the engine bay. These struts can be made removable if needed for access. This cage wouldn't be MSA compliant but would offer a lot more protection than a fibreglass spider. It would as an additional benefit help with chassis stiffness. If only using the car with a crash helmet the MSA type of roll cage can be fitted. The roll cage can be bonded to the spider for extra support to the spider. Hope this helps.
Thanks Mike. Some good ideas there. The reason for a steel spider was to create as much of a realistic feeling as possible. If I was doing this again id have gone with a monocoque without a doubt however this is where I am at for now. I have found a guy in Sweden called Goran who said he will press me one out along with A and B pillars and the lower screen section. I am just waiting for a price. I do have an original MDA cage which is pretty good in the sense its out the way of your head, however it is still a concern. If my skill level was greater I would attempt it myself out of aluminium, I just dont feel confident.

Maybe i am best to stick with what I have.

Thanks again Mike.