Strange transaxle noise solved.

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Hi all, it's been a few months since I logged on, but it occurred to me that I had solved a simple problem which had puzzled me at first. Knowledge of it might be of some use to others, so here I am.
It's a noise that turned out to be a simple rod change linkage adjustment issue.
It may not matter that my car is a Dax with a Renault UN1 as any rod change transaxle might have the potential to do this. Cable change maybe.

Whenever I have had cause to adjust the linkage I have found it sensitive and finicky to get all gears in a sweet spot, but out of the many times I have done it, this noise appeared only once.
I can only describe the noise as a noticeable but not alarming noise something like a chafing or rubbing sound that occurred occasionally when at speed on the motorway, and in particular at the crest of one hill where it would make the noise 3 or 4 times as the suspension reacted to the undulations in the road. At first I thought it might be suspension related and so I checked for looseness, cracking etc. Then I thought it might be an aero noise, even thinking it might be window flaps or something loose in the engine bay.
Finally I recognised it might be movement affecting the rod linkage and went through my adjustment procedure again and that was successful.
So I believe it was a poor adjustment where the gear engagement or internals of the transaxle was disturbed by engine torque and suspension movement.
So simple, but might help someone out there.