Superformance Alternator Help

Ron Scarboro

GT40s Supporter
The wiring harness for a Superformance is designed for a one-wire alternator. The wiring diagram calls for a Powermaster 8462. The implementation would be as follows.

Red wire to Battery
Blue wire to the Idiot light
Black wire to Ignition

I’m attempting to put a period piece in with a Autolite regulator and a classic style Alternator.

I know how to attach the field and stator wires. However, the black and blue wires are a not obvious to me.

It isn’t charging appropriately, so I’m not doing something right.


Ron, maybe you have done this already, but - small ground back to the regulator is not sufficient by itself. Check that there is a good ground path from the alternator case to the engine block, and a heavy cable from the block to the batt neg post. Good luck!


Ron Scarboro

GT40s Supporter
I’m confused. I think the harness is for a one-wire alternator, though I confess I’m not an electrics guy.

Here is what I think.

Connect Regulator “I” to Black wire from harness
Connect Regulator “A” to BAT on the Alternator
Connect Regulator “S” to Stator on Alternator
Connect Regulator “F” to Field on Alternator

Connect RED wire to BAT on Alternator
Connect BLACK wire to Regulator “I” (as above)
Connect BLUE wire to [???]