Superformance Halibrand style wheels

Brian Stewart
My current wheels will likely not fit under my MKII rear bodywork. Does anyone have a set of 8" and 10" GT40 MKII Halibrand style wheels from Superformance they could run a rule over so I can see if they would make a suitable alternative?

The measurements I am after are labelled A - N on the diagrams below.



Rear wheel.jpg
Front wheel.jpg
Side elevation.jpg


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Hello Brian,

I have a spare set of wheels for my Superformance MKI which are Halibrand style.

They should be 8" and 10"

I have to dig them out of the basement and can measure them tomorrow.

What I do not know is if Superformance has a differences betwen MKI and MKIIwheels?


Brian Stewart
Thanks Marcus. As I understand it, their Mk I wheels are BRM style, while their MKII wheels are Halibrand wineglass style.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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The "Wineglass" type Halibrands supplied by Superformance are the same for either MK I or MK II application. On a SPF MK I you may choose either the "BRM" six-spokes or the Halibrands. I have a set of the 8 & 10" Halibrands available but not at hand to measure. The pin dimension and PCD are the same as the original cars and most of the currently available GT40 wheels.


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Hello Brian,

here we go - in the .pdf you find the measurements.
Please check if everything makes sense to you.
If you need additional measurements / pictures let me know.
Some measurements are not exact and are marked with "ca."


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