I’ve been out of touch for a while and see all the changes going on. I will get my money in when I get back in two weeks. Is the Superformance Forum out again? I noticed everything in there is 2-3 years old. Thanks for the reply in advance and for all the great info.

Ron Earp

The Superformance forum is closed now while the threads are being carefully dispersed to the correct GT40 subforums. It will take some time for me and the other admins to get through all the threads.

However, all the threads are still available. For example, there was a thread this week about Superformance ball joints. That thread still exists, but it is now in the proper GT40 suspension subforum. So, nothing is being lost at all and with this forums' effective search engine the threads will actually be easier to find.

Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
Yes - It’s slow going to read a bit of the thread, then figure out which forum it goes to. I think we started out with 40 pages in that forum a few days back and were at 30 pages last night. I’ll be heading over there in a few mins and start chipping away at it.
Thanks for your patience..

Dave Hood

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Ron, is this because Superformance has dropped their support of the Forum? If that's the case, it's hugely disappointing since they do almost nothing to support their owners through other channels. It's amazing how little information they make available to the people who have invested money in their vehicles.

Ron Earp

Hey Dave,

Not really so much that as I don't have the time to chase of SPF and other sponsors for support. So, the decision was made to make the forum 90%+ user supported instead of probably only 15-20% user supported as it was before.

At the end of the day the SPF is a GT40 replica and the same problems and solutions apply to it as to other replicas. So, it is fairly logical on a GT40 forum to have all the technical questions about the various replicas in one place. We're taking our time dispersing the threads from the SPF forum and they'll land in the right place.

Is there a way to find threads that were previously in the Superformance forum, or even “Roaring Forties” or the old Australian section?
Or do you have to scroll through all the forum threads?
Thanks Randy.
I managed to find the thread i was after, but only after i searched under the abbreviation "SPF" instead of Superformance.
It was correctly transferred to the technical forum where i thought it would be.

Keep up the good work.
Regards Ryan