Suspension Travel

For those of you who have messed around with this before, what do you have for suspension travel and what kind of chassis is it? Droop/Bump split, if you know it?

I saw a blurb from ERA that said 7" of travel at the wheel, which seems massive, and impossible on these cars if split 50/50, so I'd imagine this is 40/60 bump/droop split, which still ends up being a very long bump travel in my mind.
Dylan 5" up and down I presume.

With a ground clearance of say 120mm it would be on the deck.

I have 65mm up on the front and I restrict it to 50mm droop.
The rear 75mm bump and 102 droop.
That is with no rear bar( I don't run one).

All these are at the wheel.

When allocating suspension travel, I have to take into consideration that not everyone uses the same static ground clearance. Track setting down to 4", street setting up to 5". Our travel is allocated so that, in either situation (with possible different spring rates), neither will encounter using the bump stops under normal use. The 7" total travel makes that possible, even if the extreme travel is never used.