Tadi Brothers - backup cameras


GT40s Supporter
I called Tadi Brothers to order a monitor for my backup camera system. Explained to the salesman I needed a monitor that had a reverse image capability because the camera I was planning on using didn't have the reverse image function built in. He assured me that their 5" monitor,
SKU54236 had that function, so I ordered one for $109.99 with free shipping.

This is what I ordered: Backup Camera Monitor | LCD | System

This is what I got (except it had "Tadi Brothers" stamped on it): Amazon.com : ePathChina® 5" TFT-LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor LCD Display for VCD/DVD/GPS/Camera : Vehicle Receivers : Car Electronics

Not the monitor pictured on their website, and NO REVERSE IMAGE FUCNTION :veryangry:.

So, I called Tadi Brothers and they sent me a UPS label to send it back without much fuss. However, they recieved it two weeks ago and I have not been refunded. I contacted them and got the standard "refunds take 2-3 business days" answer.

Not recommended.