Tail lights

Old trivia question.....They are 1963 Chevrolet Corvair!!! HONEST, they are!

Also used on the Mk IV cars. The "J" car used 1965 Thunderbird tail lights (P/N C5SZ-13450-C)


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Jim Rosenthal

If you can find it, a few months ago someone posted on this Forum a list of all the bits and pieces and their suppliers. Marco, are you out there? you would know this.
The MK1 tail lights are Fiat 850.

Search 'list of parts' for a near complete list of original and replica parts suppliers.

Well, roughly..
MkIs had a first set on their prototypes
A second on the early race/road cars
A third set of lights on their majority of road cars as well as race cars.
All different.
Marco, Did we meet back in 1991-1992 when I came to Sweden to do the Gothenburg Show with Anders Hildebrand? I met A lot of people then Including Sven Ericsson (the race driver and reporter) And the guy who drove the Lola T70 mark three b came on the show stand, a very unassuming guy who I did not recognize until Anders told me who whe was! I also Did a show in Malmo the previous year. At the Gothenburg show I was held up at customs in Trelleborg and had to travel to Gothenburg in three hours! I was slightly late and drove under the car park barrier, much to the locals amusement!

If you still have contact with Anders, please give him my e mail address.

Best Regards

Mark Sibley
Unfortunately it could not have been me !
I would´nt mind thou !

I do know of Anders....
But my Father might have been there..
Some of the Guy´s were to visit him..
Including a GT and a Lola...

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