Thank You

Ian Anderson

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I feel it necessary to put in writing my thanks to Paul Brameld who was instrumental in organising the LMC event for the Enthusiasts Club.

Most people probably never realise the effort involved in pulling something like this off, but he did us proud!

Friday visit to Hotel de France to see old GT number 2, 2005 GT, and a 2016 GT straight from the current Le Mans. Tick
Friday track laps. Tick
Club parking in prime spot. Tick
Dry weather. Tick
Saturday extra track time and laps. Tick
Exceptional Lunch on Saturday. Tick
Great company when watching the racing. Tick
Assisting everyone and sorting things out. Tick
Dinner on Sunday at Hotel de France wit an excellent speech by Maitland Cook. Tick

Doing all this in a sauna as his aircon had failed.Tick

Paul you deserve a medal

From me many thanks for a fantastic weekend


Thank you very much for your kind words.
You are way too kind but I blame it all on myself. I volunteered.

I seem to remember that your organisation of the LMC a while back was excellent and I seem to remember that you organised good weather too!

In fact, organising the event meant that I got to work with and meet a great bunch of Club Members and to realise what a fine bunch they are.

Finally, I have an apology to make. The Sunday dinner at the Hotel de France.
I had relaxed so much after the event was over and done, that I took advantage of the free flowing beverages a little over exuberantly.
So much so that by the end of the evening I'm not sure I was compos mentis. So if I said anything inappropriate that night, sorry.

I am told I enjoyed the event. If only I could remember how :)
Paul :thumbsup:
Great event, thanks for all the effort & had work, it paid off big time!
You deserve some down time on Sunday, you might not remember but the stories live on?
Hi Paul and other organisers

Job weldone !

Ipmeccable club organisation,nice weather and great fun.
The friday evening lap was gorgeous as usual.

Hi Paul

Yes indeed well done, the amount of time and effort you put into this to make it all run seamlessly was astonishing and it was a pleasure to work with you.

It's guys like you that make car club's tick.
We should have footage and stills from both camera cars soon :)

Well done


Dave Collins


Can I also add my thanks for a weekend that appeared to go without a hitch. I am sure that is due to your efforts co-coordinating everything with the organisers in the months and weeks running up to the event.