The final 12 minutes.

I notice Nissan pulled the same trick as they did last year and almost bloody did it, i honestly think the Gizz got a helluva fright when it passed him virtually just over the line.

was a great line up of cars,


Doc Watson

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Pete have you just lost 2 years? 2014 Bathurst?

...regardless enjoyed the racing the speed differential of the cars on the track was scary....


Agree fantastic finish but I think Gizz had it covered OK. Bentleys were amazing considering they weigh about 6 tons.. :laugh:

Always a great race and this year didn't disappoint. Bathurst is fast becoming a global necessity on the international racing scene..:thumbsup:
Terry , unfortunatly neither in car or out side footage dose the elevation justice, from the cutting up to Reid park is bloody steep, and then the drop off the other side through the dipper and down to the top of conrod is equalily as steep and its blind as well. i havnt driven around there in anger, but as its a public road i have driven it in an old valiant many years ago, and even at 50mph it was scary.