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Ron Earp

Dear New Forum Member,

Please read the forum rules below. If you do not understand the rules then email or PM an administrator for clarification. When you register on this site you agree to abide by these rules.

1. Enjoy The Forum: is a web forum for the hobbyist. A place to stop in and relax. Keep threads on topic. Please respect your fellow members and don’t write something that you wouldn’t say face to face. Don’t berate, belittle, or ridicule your fellow forum member. Offenders will find themselves banned. reserves the right to ban any member for any reason.

2. Use Your Real Name: If you have signed up with some sort of “handle” go to your User Control Panel and set your Public Name under to your real name. does not support user handles, you need to use the name your mother gave you, not a nickname. You will be banned for violation of this policy.

3. Selling: If you’re here to sell something you’ll need to be a Supporter (Garage Sale or Cars for sale forum) or a Vendor (for companies to post in the Vendor forum). Click the “Support” link in my signature or on the menu bar to learn more. If you are representing a company you may NOT use the company name in your profile unless you are a vendor here.

4. Disclaimer: nor its owner is responsible for the ramifications of anything you post on this forum. All posts you make here are your responsibility so be accurate and be truthful. and its admins do not delete or edit posts on the forum for any reason except when we want to. At the end of the day is a web forum that is FREE to use and read. Anything you post here is your responsibility.

I’m sure we’ll be adding to these rules from time to time. But for now that should do it. Please contact me if you need some clarification of these rules.

And remember, exists solely on donations only. So, if you like the site and are getting use out of it consider contributing to the site.

Thank you,
Your Admins
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Brian Kissel

Lifetime Supporter
Nicely done Ron. I still have issues with so many people having "handles" in their posts. When I want to look up a member, I have to try and remember what their handle is.

Regards Brian

Ron Earp

Brian, please call them out to the admins or openly on the forum. If people don't comply then they'll be removed. Seriously. It's a rule here that we will follow.

How would you like to be a moderator? We could use an active one that will target certain behaviors.