Ticking sound while turning right

Well I finally got my SLC on the track. Super amazing car. On day two my right side wheels got off course and ever since that happened every time I turn right I hear a ticking sound. When I shake the right side steering arm can I can hear some movement inside the main bronze colored steering tube. The picture shows the steering box with a 14mm nut that looks like some kind of an adjustment knob. What does that adjust? What would cause that ticking sound? I am planning on racing again this weekend but I am a little concerned. Any thoughts? I have a GoPro video of the incident. The file is 3.3 GB. Can I upload it here or is it better to use You Tube?


IF I remember correctly that is just a 'dust' cap, underneath you will find a pre-load adjustment nut. By trial and error I tried to snug mine up but it caused drag on the rack.
On the left side of the hex there is an stamped indentation and then on the left side of the rim there is 3 stamped indentations. I just thought that was some kind of adjustment. I put a 14mm wrench on it and moved it CW and CCW a few millimeters but then got nervous so I stopped. I have no information on make and model of the steering rack.

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I'm in agreement with Mesa. It allows adjustment by closing/relaxing the small clearance between the rack gear, and the pinion. Helpful (marginally) for well used racks. I wouldn't consider this as the problem. Have you looked at the bead around that side's tires (inside and outside of each) to ensure no debris got wedged between the tire and rim during your excursion? I don't know how severe your run-off was, but I've seen grass and sticks get wedged in there, which then flaps on chassis parts with the wheel turned.
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It sounds like there might be something loose or damaged in the rack. I'd be sure to fix that before I headed out on track again if it were my car. I'd also check to see if the bolts holding the rack to the chassis were tight, as well as the bracket under the box you showed in the picture.

Finally, I'd check to be sure that the adapter for the pinion on the rack (on the end of the steering column) is properly fastened, safety wired and correctly aligned on the machined round on the pinion.

These cars are too fast to not be confident in the steering.

For those who are wondering, the rack is bespoke to the SLC, and isn't from another car. The vendor doesn't do end-user support since they only sell to integrators like Superlite.