Tinted Lexan Windows - Please?

Welcome but all Fran, I was just nudging it! :)

I need to order me a countersink bit ASAP so I can mark and drill some holes. SO MUCH better looking than my tinted clear lexan I've been looking at for way too long.

Since I didn't install my original windows, any advice to drilling through Lexan to prevent me from accidentally screwing them up?
Thank you Del, Fran, and everyone at RCR for making this purchase happen. Here is how they look on an unfinished car. I was curious as to how the tint compared to the front windshield. I think they compliment each other well (I pulled the protective film back on the upper corner in the one pic to compare).

2021-08-11 20.30.48.jpg

2021-08-11 20.30.55.jpg

2021-08-11 20.31.15.jpg

Pay no mind to the very messy windshield primer job, it will all be sanded off during the bodywork and paint stage of the project. This windshield install is only temporary. I just realized that it looks REAL bad when you zoom in on the photo.
Looks almost dark enough that you don’t need a frit.
I was thinking the same thing if the body was black behind it.

When I pull mine off, I'll compare darkness to my tinted clear windows (and pics) so we all know about what the % is.
Looks almost dark enough that you don’t need a frit.
if your body is painted black under the window and you are not using any foam weather-stripping I think you could get away with no frit. In my close up picture above you can see the blue masking tape showing thru that I was using to temporarily hold the window in place. Any foam weatherstrip would show thru just the same.
Kurt is spot on#

With vinyl exterior frit on mine now, I was able to hide low profile foam weather strip behind it. I couldn't tell any difference driving, of course never have been in rain.

I plan install frit free, but if I feel like I need to seal again, I'll hit up same place that did original frit as they supposedly saved the template so can get them to cut them out in vinyl and mail to me so I can install...just on back side this time.