Tojeiro GT40 replica

GT40 Ford Tojeiro 5 litre 302 cubic inch Ford - Edelbrock V8 5 speed transaxle, halibrand wheels etc., superbly made space frame by John Tojeiro probably the most prolific chassis builder of all time. Completed in 1992.

Tojeiro made chassis for AC cars from Ace to Cobra, Lister cars, Ecurie Ecosse and others including a wide variety of highly sucessful racing cars in his own name.
This car is unique as it is the only GT40 built by Tojeiro.
Included in the sale is his personalised registration number J40 TOJ.
Also included is a comprehensive photographic record showing the construction of the car at various stages complete with photographs of the designer.
The car is finished to a high standard with beautiful detail to fitments/doors,windows, lamps etc., including original period type petrol filler caps/vented seats etc.
Fantastic road/race/track day car.
Fully road legal with all the necessary documents including DVLA/V5 etc.
Accepted world wide at major circuits/events for parade laps/track days etc
For sale solely due to bereavement

£45,000 ($88,200 or 68,200 Euro)

Car is located in Northumberland, England.


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I am open to all sensible offers. I feel that it being one of the last cars Tojeiro made before he died makes the price seem reasonable.

I know what was spent on the car in total and what it's value for insurance is and this price is based on both of those.

I need a sale to finance my other car projects and I want it to go to someone who will use it the way it was meant to be used. I can't give it that attention, I'm hoping someone else can.
The car is still for sale.

I have it advertised in lots of places. Anyone suggest any methods of improving my chances of selling? And don't just say 'make it free'(!)

Is it the fact that it's a one off that is turning people away? Does the Tojeiro name carry some sort of curse that I don't know about? Do people think I'm lying? That really is him in that picture and I can prove he built it.

I am at a loss as to why I have been trying to sell this car for 8 months and had no offers at all.

Any help/guidance in this matter would be appreciated.
I would drop the price by £10,000 and you may get some interest from a tall GT40 guy that can't fit in a GTD.
Rich, if you are asking for 45K the car needs to be presented at it's very best. That the car I'm sure drives and performs brilliantly matters not if the cosmetics don't show well.The engine bay picture shows a rusting exhaust, spark leads 'dripping' below the exhaust, and an apparently unprotected/fragile looking connection of the rear wire harness. There is an 'odd' looking pipe travelling up the chassis brace that then disappears behind the rearmost exhaust pipe? Another apparently loose trained pipe is heading toward the rear hub. The rocker cover appears plugged with no breather - default excess collection. Add that lot to the lack of interior shots suggests that the interior won't be any better. Your average buyer will then calculate two and two makes three when asking for £45K. Detail the engine bay, spray the exhausts up. Wire the leads correctly. The insides need to look as good as the outside - perhaps better.
Thanks for the advice guys.

I suppose I had always thought of the car as a racing car, not a show car. I had never paid much attention to cosmetic detail if the car was running fine.

My dad and I have always owned this car since it was made and I suppose I am having trouble thinking about it from a buyers perspective. We just wanted it to run well, if the exhaust worked we never thought to smarten it up because we weren't trying to impress judges or anything.

Thanks for giving me a fresh point of view.
Rich, I'm with you all the way. When you own these cars you appreciate what they do not first - not whether they are 'pretty'. My comments are purely about 'selling'. At 45K you either have to attract an enthusiast who will be mechanically demanding and trust your car meets his expectations or find a city trader who wants a toy following his bonus payment. The latter will want 'pretty' as he won't necessarily be technically able.
The exhausts could be sprayed with care in situ or taken off in 20 minutes.
New leads are what? £20.00 and some basic wire managers another £20.00. heat shrink a gasket about the wiring loom connection. All silly little bits but combined giving the right cosmetic vibes.
Best of luck