Tornado Door handle recesses

If you are a Tornado owner and don't want the expense of buying door handle recess mouldings then drop me a private message as i'm making a few pairs up free of charge to help out some local builders that i've become friendly with.

I'm more than happy to help anyone else out who needs some, as they are easy to make and i can make them from off cuts as i make other things so they don't cost me anything to do. Just pay the postage or come and collect them.

Its the shape in the door that takes the door handle itself. My door moulds have them already moulded in, but some kits mould the doors without them (just a plain skin) and then you have to cut the door skin and bond in the moulded shape required

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor

Thats true. However there are a number of parts required to build our car which we have specifically developed and own copyrights for.

Also remember this guy used pictures of our cars to try and sell his kits that do not exist.

Now let me see if I can remember who told me about that. Oh yes it was you Simon.


Andy Green

Just because a part fits a Tornado does not automatically mean that they are in breach of copyright. You only have to change a few dimensions to get around copyright law and it also assumes that you have a Tornado corrected registered.
So if I made some silencers that happen to fit a Tornado, am I in breach of your copyright, I think not!
Darren, put me down for a pair please
Sorry i should have qualified the fact that they are not copied from a Tornado, that's not my style.

As a very experienced design engineer with many years spent in F1 working with a number of top teams, and i'm more than capable of coming up with my own parts to my own designs. Simon is well aware of where my moulds have come from, and they are nothing to do with Tornado.

I'm talking to a lot of GT40 builders in order to find out the weaknesses in the designs of the competition. Unfortunately for Andy as the UK's biggest producer feedback on his product is many times larger than that of others. Any criticism i act upon is not neccessarily a black mark against anyone, but, its obviously in my best interest to try where possible to design out these issues from my cars.

The door handle recesses are one of a number of small niggles that I've had fedback to me.

The half a dozen or so small detail changes on the chassis for IVA compliance is the next area for me to look at.

Andy S you never did reply to my private message about the front ally uprights you sell with your kit.