Tornado GT 40 Build

Can i get a decal from you please .. My wheel is from Tornado but yours looks a different size to mine ... Its 13inch across .. Let me know your details please ... Do yo do paypal ?

Thanks John.
Hi John, my steering wheel has a diameter from 380mm from outside to outside. If you want the 75mm please send me € 15.-- + € 5.-- for shipping. If you want a second logo, please addtional € 15.-- The paypal account is: [email protected]. Please send me your adress.



GT40s Supporter
Nice work! Jusr to avoid a mistake I did: are the 90 degree silicon hoses ok for underpressure operation? My were not, and I needed to replace them after first engine start, quite some warer work.
Hallo Udo,

ich habe im Innern der Schläuche eine Edelstahlspirale eingebaut. Dürfte also funktionieren. Danke fürs "Mitdenken"

Gruß Frank
A little update.

The brake lines for the rear brakes and the clutch line is finished. We have installed the holes/tubes for heater water, AC, Underpressure for the brake and the fire unit. The last, what we must install, is the harness. But first, we must modify the harness. We want to install the fuse/relay box in the front - so we must extend the wires, because the original fuse box is under the dashboard. Also we want install 2 relays for the ac and more wires for rear camera, power for the injection system and a door light.