Track Day at COTA

Glenn B.

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Honestly, I don't know the details.

The track photographer set up a tripod, took one shot with the rear clip up and then another with the rear clip down, being very careful that nothing moved. I assume he combined the images through the magic of Photoshop. That's as much as I know about photography. Sorry that I couldn't give more guidance.

Glenn B.

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Here's an HD video on YouTube of my feeble attempt to tame this beast. My goal for the day was not to suck.

[ame=]Lola T70 Lapping Circuit of the Americas - YouTube[/ame]

Glenn B.

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Last one...

a view from camera we had attached to the rear license plate. Gives a much better perception of the speed of the car. The guy with the Porsche Cayman thought he was doing really well keeping up with a Can-Am car until I got heat into the tires at 4 minutes in and pushed the loud pedal all the way down.

[ame=]Lola T70 lapping Circuit of the Americas (Rearview Camera) - YouTube[/ame]

I was at Harris Hill that weekend. I wish I would have stopped by and seen that in person. Looks like fun!

Randy V

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The cars look amazing...
I wish I had taken advantage of the opportunity to run on COTA back when I was still in competition...
Olf - absolutely spectacular!!!


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Hallo Meinolf,

Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

Hat alles funktioniert?

Gruß vom Bodensee

hi markus, schön von dir zu höhren.ja der track day war super. 8 jahre sind in den 20 minuten fahren zusammen gekommen für mich ein emonzionaler moment.ich hoffe du hast dein gt40 noch.wir müssen mal wieder zusammen kommen.
gruß meinolf