Traction control

Just got off the phone with a company in PA. COMPANY NAME. Racetronics. Being that Racelogic no longer makes traction control I was forced to do a deep search, thanks to Joel here on the forum he recommended I look at racetronics. The system is gps based. With or with out sensors. Design for non abs
The system has a gps unit. A hydrolic pump. And 2 wheel sensors and 1 sensor that gets mounted to the trans axel. The system complete is $3750.00 and only uses your brakes. No timing retard or injectors getting cut. After talking to John the owner. This will be the system I go with. He was also so surprised about the fast desicion to cancel the Racelogic system. He admittedly said it was a good system. And now Racelogic refers the customers for traction control to racetronics. So if your in the market for traction control worth the time to look them up.
As much as the website is a bit light on information, this does look interesting. Thank you for the heads up on this system.
For less than that price, you can put in an ECU with built in traction control and the needed sensors. Then not have to worry about pump and interface into your brakes.
Thanks for the suggestion. Frank. It’s a great idea. But I’m going to go with racetronics. System. Yes it’s more money. Buts it’s a proven system I like what the owner had to say and they can Taylor the system for your specific needs.