Transmission shaft modification

The selector shaft needs to be modified and the instruction is to send back to RF, but is this something that can be done locally?

PS attached is what Santa left ChristmasEve - a NOS 016


It's not that hard to do yourself if you have a lathe. I don't have the mesurements with me but this is what I did.
I got a piece so stainless rod longer than nessary and thicker. I took the old shaft and drilled a small hile in it about a 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. Next I took the new rod and milled it down until it had a tip that fit the hole drilled in the original rod. Next I milled the end of the new rod at a 45 or so. The end with the tip that was just milled. By doing this the 2 peices fit together with a small v channel in the middle. Next weld the 2 together in the v channel. Once they are one you just put it back in the lathe and mill the new end and weld down th the correct size. The same as the original one. That's why I bought a peice slightly thicker. Now cut it to the right length.
Hope this helps. It makes sense to me by I don't always explain things well enough.
If you have any questions write me and I'll try to do better.

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company

Please send it to me and I will do the mods and return by air mail.

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Robert as always you come through. I just posted the saft, along with a little something from my family to yours, and one for Jim and Amanda. Could you also include one of the fly wheel closure plates.

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