Transmission upgrade for KCC GT40?

Hi all
by chance, has anyone on here upgrade the transmission on their KCC build GT40? If so what did you use?

I'm looking at having a rebuild done, but would rather upgrade it, as the current trans is a bit weak. The original trans in the kit is from a VW Microbus (Kombi)
The engine is a Ford 302 using the KCC adapter plate and a special KCC flywheel.
I'm a bit concerned about the original flywheel, I have no idea how to get a replacement for it.
Are there any shops that can build a new one if I send them the old one as a template?

If anyone has any suggestion or ideas, please let me know

Hi all,
just an update, I found out the transmission in the car is from an Audi 100, but the 280mm clutch being used is from a Kombi.
Seems the adapter plate in the car now, will also work with the Audi O1E transmission!
As audi is still using the same bolt pattern for their transmissions. Which is great news :)
I'm now wondering if I can source the flywheel, pilot bearing , Pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw out bearing from Kennedy Engineering.
Pretty much their entire kit to adapter a 302 to Audi O1E except for the adapter plate.
My concern is the adapter plate that was provided by KCC might be significantly thicker/thinner then the Kennedy one.

By chance does anyone know what thickness the Kennedy adapter plate is?
Anyone know if there is an inspection plate on the 016? To check the health of the clutch and flywheel?
Or is unbolting the transmission the only way to check?

I've been reading up alot on the 016, quite a few posts claiming it's good for engines up to 400 hp/torque.
And my 302 is well below that.

So I'm thinking of just keeping the 016 for now, but want to check on the clutch and flywheel. And get the linkage fixed.

The KCC's GT40 manual has instruction on setting up the shifter on the right hand side of the driver (even with the RHD car) like the original GT40's
But mine was built with the shifter in the center. I think this change was not sorted out properly by the person that built it, so it doesn't shift very well at all now.

I'm going to redo the center console and cover all that diamond plate the previous owner put in, and redo the door panels, among other things



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