Turbocharged engine?

Lot's of ultima's and such running Audi rs6 V8 twin turbo engines. Very powerfull and relaiable.

Comes with a nice 6 speed also.

Grtz thomas
Hi Thomas,
Do you have any links that show good build pictures of the Ultima/Audi combo i have been trying to find pictures of them in kit cars/space frames etc?

This has been on my mind since i priced the cost of adapting Ford/Lexus V8's to the 01E. Seems logical to stick with Audi where you can if not going original replica.

My partner is German so i have had her on German Dismantler sights looking for Audi V8 Manual 6pd front cuts just out of curiosity. Didn’t find anything but did notice Audi has quite a selection of engines.