Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale *SOLD*

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Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale

Jim, I am visiting in mid- end of dec from vancouver Canada . Please send me your contact info and location and I will touch base with you to see if I can come view the car in person.

Gord, I just sent you a private e-mail.
Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale

Hi everyone, here's a parts update that I've been meaning to do for awhile but jut haven't got around to posting.​

I now have received the following back ordered parts, so there are no longer any more back orders and my Unfinished 2013 4 SALE SL-C #145 is now ready to be completed.​

Graziano Ring Gear and Bearing. <back order complete>​

If I can figure out how to edit, I will up-date the below itemized parts list.​

It is with a heavy heart that I'm putting 2013 unfinished SL-C for sale. :sad:
I have simply lost all interest in completing the car. For those of you that have not been following my build, you can check it out and see numerous progress pictures at: “Jimer's Build” on the SL-C Clubhouse Site.

This could be a great opportunity for a builder not wanting to wait for delivery and not wanting to take on a second (almost full time) job of sourcing parts and safe a bunch of money at the same time. The drive train and all parts are NEW, the majority of the parts have already been sourced and are included in the package! I am still waiting for a Graianzo ring gear and pilot bushing from RCR, but as Fran told me...”that should not hold you up any”!

SL-C Kit -Red (street tail) <PAID $43,995.00>
Hand Brake Option <PAID $995.00>
Body Fitment Option <PAID $1,590.00>
Body Prep Option <PAID $590.00>
Gents Seat Option <PAID $199.00>
GM LS Engine Accessory Drive <PAID $395.00>
RCR Water Pump Mods <PAID $100.00>
Center Counsel Option <PAID $300.00>
Chrome Spyder Wheels Upgrade Option <PAID $300.00>
Lift Kit Option <PAID $1,850.00>
LS3-525HP Crate Engine #19259233 <PAID $7,612.50>
GM module #19259261 <PAID $1,889.99>
LS Alternator <PAID $389.96>
Graziano Transaxel <PAID $10,000.00>
Graziano Flywheel <PAID $1,650.00
Graziano Clutch <PAID $495.00
Eagle F1 Tires -Front 275/35ZR-18-Rear 325/30ZR19XL <PAID $1,158.00>
Dash Commander 7” Touch Screen Display/GPS/switching panel/WiFi & Bluetooth/ and
Custom SLC Face Plate <PAID $1,678.00-NOTE: Paid for but not received yet!)
Sound Deadening/Heat Shield/Anti-vibration Rubber Adhesive (installed) <PAID $975.66>
Brake Line Clamps (installed) <PAID $115.94>
Coolant Lines-roll bar clamps/P-clamps/stainless hose clamps/high temp silicone hose
(installed) <PAID $320.97>
2-G-Force Pro Series 5 point Racing Harness <PAID $297.98>
Bosch SR0408X Starter <PAID $145.00>
Optimum Red Top Group 34 #ULT-9004-003 (installed) <PAID $179.97>
Optima Billet Battery Mount # AAR-AC-BM (installed) <PAID $129.00>
OMP Racing Steering Wheel Superquardeo #Omp-OD/19990/NN <PAID $258.99>
CTEK On-Board Battery Charger #56-864 (installed) <PAID $79.99>
Remke#102P0010M1 Male Stainless Steel water tight plug for CTEK battery charger <PAID$27.05>
Remke#102A0120A1 12' Marine A/C charge cord for CTEK on-board battery charger <PAID $36.35>
Custom Aluminum right & left radiator nose coolant line adapters (installed) <PAID $160.00>
Custom Aluminum radiator shroud (installed) <PAID $315.00>
Hella #HLA-003299801Twin Supertone Horns <PAID $59.97>
Facet Dura-lift 50gph Fuel Pump (installed) <PAID $129.99>
Bosch 044 universal in-line fuel pump <PAID $181.78>
WIX #33737 Fuel Filter <PAID $39.97>
Heater Control By-pass valve (installed) <PAID $86.25>
Wilwood #1127 Reservoir tank adapter <PAID $37.95>

Canton Racing # 80-202 Coolant Expansion Tank w/custom goose neck <PAID $112.97>

I “PAID” a Total of $78,878.23 for the above described 2013 SL-C Kit, Options, Drive Train, Accessories, Parts & Hardware; not counting fasteners, aluminum fabrication stock, miscellaneous hardware, sales tax, UPS charges, etc. If your interest in making a fair market offer, I will be more than willing to consider all offers. I have all of the receipts to support my purchases and I'm NOT looking to be reimbursed for my labor NOR am I looking to make a profit, I just want to move on!

This SL-C is being sold as a package and I will not separate items nor will I except trades.
Thank you,
Jim (SL-C #145)
Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale

Are the SLCs designated with year models? IE: Is that a 2012 model or a 2013?

ooops... forgive me, after closer reading, I see it's a 2013 model...

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Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale

Are the SLCs designated with year models? IE: Is that a 2012 model or a 2013?

ooops... forgive me, after closer reading, I see it's a 2013 model...



The car was built and delivered in 2013. The reason I listed the year is because there have been enhancements over the SL-C's production life and the 2013 was meant to differentiate from the early models.

The MSO received from RCR states 2013; so I think the answer to your question is yes; the SL-C is designated by model year.....I think!? Fran, would probably be in a better position to answer this one!

Re: Unfinished 2013 SL-C #145 For Sale


Just fyi I believe it's forum policy to require an asking price for items/vehicles for sale on the forum...

Sorry to hear you've lost steam on the build. Looks like you've done a great job to-date...and somebody is going to get a great project for completion.

Good luck with the sale.
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