Vitaloni Sebring

Hi guys,

I am looking for a Vitaloni Sebring mirror, not the plastic but the steel version!

I already have one, just looking for another to complete a pair.

That's the problem, the plastic ones are easy to find but the original metal ones.......

I was just hoping someone had one lying around.

Last option is to instal one metal and one plastic (I would hate that)


Charlie Farley

It took me at least 5 years to find 2 NOS Mirrors in metal.
Problem is, there are not many around and secondly, you are
up against restorers of high end Ferrari and other Italian exotica,
with very large budgets. I saw a pair, not even NOS go for
USD $ 1,800.00 earlier this year.
Then of course there is the problem of getting 2 with the same glass tint, or non at all.
But keep looking & good luck.


Lifetime Supporter
They are out there.
The last NOS pair that I got were on eBay Italy for not much more than the plastic versions.
There was also a similar metal mirror made by Alexander Accessories in the UK during the 60's-70's which are slightly larger and more suited to the resticted vision on a 40.
These were die-cast and chromed and of lesser quality but still nice nevertheless if you can find a clean pair.


Hello Doc! It is a 4month old postt but I have one metal Vitaloni Sebring mirror! Its not NOS, I'ts used but if you are still looking for one, contact me for details and pictures!