As you continue to tune, and I’m still working this, be aware that if your tuner changes the stock throttle table, it might cause the GM ECU to throw a P0606 code....ECU failure. I am currently experiencing this issue. Now it could be a legitimate ECU failure as well.....I don’t know for sure yet. I have had four tuners and my stock tune is no longer available for comparison. Glad the ring worked out.
I will definitely be cautious of that Dan. Not sure when it'll get tuned but a buddy with HPTuners is supposed to stop by so we can compared a couple of stock 525hp tunes just to see if mine differs from others that had no need for VSS.

On a tuning note, not sure who follows diesel tuning but PPEI is one of the best in the nation and happen to be local to me. I found out other day I work with the main tuner's dad (he may be part owner) and found out they're fixing to off dyno tuning for gas engines. I told him to te his son if they wanted a test mule, I'd be happy to help.
Now that I have a little more seat time with VSS and reluctor wheel, seems majority my surging/stalling is gone. The only time I notice it does it is in reverse. If I keep RPMs above 2k, cruises nicely, but if under it then you can feel a bit of surging. Most definitely tolerable to break in engine and clutch, but I'm sure a tune will smooth everything out very nicely. Hopefully by the time I get to 500 miles, PPEI will be publicly dyno tuning gas engines.
Is this the type of surging you describe? Click here shows a video of an SLC the fellow is trying to sell. The surging starts at 20 seconds in.

Yep, it's actually pretty similar to that when below 2k. When in reverse the RPM surge is alot more dramatic and will die eventually if you don't give it a little gas.