What it really costs to build out an SPF 40


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When I first contracted to buy an SPF GT40 about 20 months ago, I foolishly
thought that the completed vehicle would run about $90,000.00. I had no idea that the ZF transaxle was as expensive as it is. I previously had a SPF Cobra and thought the trans would be similar in expense to a Tremec. Wrong!
To help those of you who are waiting for their cars, I've listed some prices and how they total up so you have an idea of what it really costs to put one together. Those of you who have already built their cars may want to pitch in
on what their builds cost so that you have some real world info.
The total cost on my build works out to about $122,000.00 and breaks down as follows:
Roller:$72,500.00-This includes custom paint color, 1 gurney bubble,twin stripes, ceramic coated headers and prep. No sales tax as I traded in two cars with a value of $72,000.00, so it was a wash.

Roush 427R, Accessory drive package for GT40, Roush Custom GT40 oil pan, Aluminum flywheel upgrade, shipping and tax-$18,254.25

ZF transaxle, bellhousing, internal release bearing, clutch kit, billet throttle cable, GT40 install kit, 11" elecric fans-high power, Nitto tires, 5lb halon 1211 fire supression system, drivetrain install, shipping and tax-$25,603.31

Venzano leather interior-$5,500.00.

So you can see, I was off my original estimate by about 36%.
This was a car ordered before the January 1st price increase.


Those of us that are "mentally putting our cars together" for a future purchase are appreciative of other's experiences. Yes, I think most of us initially thought that we could get a SPF GT40 built and "off the dealer's lot" for not a whole lot more than a Corvette Z06 or Viper, but a little research and pricing quickly dispelled that idea. Nonetheless, with the roller price increase of January 2007, your full price is in line with the 130-140K that I've been looking at for mine. The price of anything never stays static or goes down. And, of course, there will be more options coming out over time that you'll just have to have . . . . . . .

Enjoy :)

. . . . and let us know how it runs.
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impressive price for such car.
Sure..the object u have at the end will be something too special and without the passion we all have for those cars will be just fools.
I am really interested in the final quality of the product....hope will be at that price level too.

More then ever for now my way will remain search some nice used car from UK..

This is great information (albeit depressing for me). As a newbie, I am quite uneducated as to the "extras" that it seems can really add up. While you have spec'd a more aggressive engine than I had in mind, I am still about $30,000 short of where I thought I needed to be. Superformance is in a tough spot. By having their roller (now increased in price) at a premium, they have a smaller market. Ultimately as they (and the others crowding into a small space) produce more, they will be competing with their own product in the re-sale market (which would have the advantage of starting when the ignition is pressed). What will the market be for GT40s of this type in the future? Don't we all wish we knew. The Superformances are so new that they haven't had a chance to hit the resale market in any quantity. Most "kits/continuations" don't appreciate like the cars they are replicating/continuing. For every story of a kit selling at a fantastic premium there are 50 guys in financial ruin from their car lust. I guess I would be happy with the depretiation I would get from a similarly priced GT3 or Turbo :rolleyes:. My wife delivers an empassioned counterpoint:eek:. I guess cars like these aren't bought as investments anyway.....Thanks again for the honest math.:)


PS please excuse the gratuitous use of smilies:D

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Nothing gratuitous about smilies.......:pepper::lol::eek:

When you look on a car as an investment you become afraid to drive it! So why bother having it! It's a pleasure, and we all know we have to pay for those!;)

However a 40 of any sort over the long haul is probably not going to depreciate to the same extent as something run-of-the-mill and maintenance should be a lot easier than most exotics.:) So when you get it, drive and enjoy....

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Have to add my two cents' worth. We're buying a replica/reproduction/continuation of a R A C E C A R . We all know they are not cheap to make, ship, assemble, fettle, cajole into the car we want. I was at Watkins Glen last weekend and saw a GTD-CAV hybrid which the owner shared he had purchased for about half of the above figures for a Superformance. I think you have to be sure you know what you want to do with the car when you get it. If it's track or race, you're going to $$pend a lot of money to be safe AND happy. If it's concours, show, local Starbuck's, then you can spend less and still be happy. None of these will be daily drivers, right?, so spending $125,000 has to be 'worth it" to you. I bought a Caterham Super 7 costing over $55K, and frankly it's not worth the money. But that's what you have to spend to get a Brand New one. A used one in the UK would be $20-$25,000 dollars, plus shipping, registration, duties, and so on, but still far less than Brand New. Starting to ramble, sorry. Everyone has their own level of "satisfaction" and for some it will co$t a lot more than others. Thanks for letting me spout off.

there is a SPF MK11 in Vegas that is being offered at 107K, with the appropriate hardware(Roush 427r, ZF ect), this might give you an idea of the market as of now. The good news is that for those of us with good quaility cars, bought more than a year or two ago, should see a stable if not appreciating market.


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Well, that $107k in Vegas would incur a sales tax of about $8k (assuming 7.5%) pushing it to $115k out the door.



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$300? Well that's great for you folks from SC. Unfortunately, we here in IL have to pay between 6.5 & 7.5% of total purchase price in sales tax. That amounts to some dollars.
Living in the South does have its rewards. No doubt Mike, these things get out of hand very quickly. My 67 mustang fastback restomod I am building is far past my original estimate on cost. The guy on another thread that said these things are "an investment in living" put it best.


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I would be interested in seeing pics of the 67 Fastback if possible. I'm looking to do a black one like in "Vanilla Sky".