What Size CR6ZZ AVONs are you running?

Gary Sharapata

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Any CAV GT40s or GTD GT40 (no wide hips) out there running CR6ZZ 15 Inch AVONs? Wondering what size you are running and like to see some pics. I was thinking about getting some of these and thinking about the 225 front and 295 rears. I'm running a Mickey Thompson 28x12x15 Sport Radials on the rear right now and think the AVONs 295 would fit as they are an inch shorter and about the same width.


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Hi Gary,

I run 215 Front and 295 Rear. Very good tires on GT40 (best ?). This tires are used here in europe by every historic racing cars meaning that they are very good on roads and race tracks.

Be careful with 225: I've tried 225 on my SPF and the car was a bit higher on the front (bad feeling at high speed) and tires touched inside fenders when I turned left or right.


Mike D

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To each their own I suppose. Other than the wide body Gulf cars you never see the original MkI's running wide rubber like 225/295. These cars look better running tires with less width in my opinion. 215/275
I'm running 215 front and 275 rear on my GTD (standard body), I initially ran 225 front and 295 on rear, but I found them too large. I'm happier by far in 215 front (no more rubbing in the arches), and in 275 the tires are more inside the rear arches. Better looking, IMHO.

Gary Sharapata

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Hey Gary.... Doesn't Eric have your old GTD?

Wide hip on my car, 295s and 215s! Still love them!
Pretty sure that is my old GTD GT40 as it went to the east coast. I traded it for a Kirkham FIA 289 back in 2005 but not sure what the gentleman's name was. It was really a nice car one of two show cars GTD built to show in the US to sell their cars.


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