Where to find detailed info on races of the early 50's

At the moment I am researching a paticular colour of a 340 America that raced at Le Mans in 1951, race number 18. Later that year it also raced at Dundrod.
Now I have gone through some history books that write about Le Mans, but they do not mention the colours of the cars. I have also watched some footage from 1951 including the Le Mans race and see its sister cars, but not no. 18 itself and it seems that (of course) the car I am looking for did have a different colour than all its sister cars. However, I have not found a photograph showing it amongst the other cars.

So does anyone know where or to which archive I should turn to or does anyone have a good race report from back in the day that happens to mention the colours of the cars?



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Do you have a serial number? Post up on Ferrarichat.com or Barchetta.cc A wealth of info available. Cool little cars!
Hi Neal,

Yes I do, but this already has been going on these forums for years and the owner who is restoring this lovely car contacted me earlier this week as they still are not sure.

I went through my archive (books, magazines and early films), but apart from black & white pictures which make it very hard to be sure about the colour (a shade of blue instead of the traditional red) I haven't found a definitive clue.

So I am hoping someone with an interest in fifties racing in the US might be able to help pointing me to a historic archive or website, not Ferrari related.