Which chassis number: GT40 at Legendary Motorcar?

Does anyone know the chassis number of this GT40 which is currently at Legendary Motorcar and which ran at SAAC-42 Indianapolis this June? Thanks.

Website listing: 1969 Ford GT40- 1 of 7 Lightweight GT40s factory built

The car is described as follows.

  • 1 of 7 Lightweight Factory Competition GT40s Built To The Same Spec As The 1968 Le Mans Winning GT40 And All 3 Gulf Team Cars
  • Lightweight Aluminium roof, Aluminum Spare Wheel Cover, Lightweight Panels
  • Gurney-Weslake Aluminium-Heads
  • Stage II Ventilated Brakes
  • Numbers Matching Engine And Transmission
  • Original Chassis And Body (Spare Front And Rear Bonnet)
  • Raced From New Including Championship Winning History
  • Raced In 2012 Le Mans Classic
  • Documented By GT40 Historian Ronnie Spain
  • Known History From New


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When did Dan Gurney become left handed?
We all know you guys drive on the wrong side :lipsrsealed:
I'm being sarcastic of course but I truly am interested in whether the current livery as shown above is the original livery and by chance I recreated it or by some strange coincidence, they repainted in a livery that nearly exactly matches mine?