Which GT40 to buy??

Hi all
I'm new to the site and really only have one kickoff question. I live in Cape Town, South Africa (so it has to be RHD) and as far as I know there are two leading GT40 replica manufacturers here (ie. in South Africa) CAV in Cape Town and Bailey cars in Johannesburg.
Question: Which to buy for a do-it-yourself project?
I believe Bailey are active racers, yet CAV have had a GT40 @ Le Mans in 2006 and 2007 as Pace Car for the Motor Racing Legends race.

Pricing seem similar.
Bailey tortional stiffness great but 1/2 that of CAV but think that more a case of 'double whats needed' - but it seems CAV have a nicer more rubust chassis.

This will be a road racer and speaking to a chap at Killarney this past Saturday who 'owns' a Bailey and CAV said both great with each better in a different department.

So what do you think?
Have you talked to both companies at length and discussed exactly what you want to achieve ?
With any small business you need to be sure you will recieve your product on time as promised and have the back up you need throughout the project to finish it. You should get a sense of who you feel more comfortable working with once you visit them and speak directly to the guys in charge.
Do-it-yourself cars are a very different proposition to turn key factory cars as you will spend a lot more time asking questions and needing advice.
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I have a CAV and am delighted with the quality of parts used, the factory support of Jean Foure in SA and Johann Keyser here in the US, the overall quality of the end product....my car was factory built but I understand the kits are well thought out and the stainless steel chassis can't be overlooked. I vote CAV but I admit to being biased but I feel I can be given what I know of the car. Bailey are very new to the US and I know of only a few owners here in the US so one might chime a response. I'm sure the SPF boys will give advise too. Go see Jean Foure and tell him Jim Patton sent you from Gainesville, Florida. Jean's a Top Bloke.
All great suggestions.

You might also check with Fran at RCR, he may well have a dealer representative in your part of the world with a demo car to check out. For self-assembled kits Fran has a wonderful reputation for quality product and post-sale support.

Welcome to the crazy world of GT40s. I think you'll find there's an impressive bunch of very smart and car-crazy guys here.


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When I contacted CAV I was told a RHD/RHS car was not available, so that may lessen your choice.


JimmyP I agree the all-welded stainless steel body is not to be overlooked - it is beautiful.

Thanks for the thoughts thusfar guys.


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Hi Andries,
I would suggest that you check up on the Hitech GT40 replica(also commonly called the SPF or Superformance). There is a section on this very forum for them. I have visited them a few years ago in SA as they are based just outside Port Elisabeth and was very impressed with the setup. They also build the Cobra Daytona replica, the Noble and some other cars as well.

There is a thread on the SPT/ Hitech here - http://www.gt40s.com/forum/all-gt40/34999-superformance.html

The cars have a steel monocoque which is very, very similar to the original and it usually comes with an RBT box which is the same as the original Mk1 fit ZF. The chassis have been modified by some buyers so they can get historic racing certification in the UK, mainly by changing the engine and brakes. They usually have a Roush motor but I guess you could have whatever you want.
The factory don't seem to sell direct and I think they have an agent in SA. Maybe you could ring Hitech Automotive in PE and ask them or even blag a visit.

It's the one I would buy.

If I may tag onto this thread, is it generally accepted the Superformance is the closest to the originals, hence the usage of the word 'continuation' ? I'm on the home stretch of eventually owning one, but had my sights set on SPF myself. Thoughts?
Not because it's 'closest' but because of license agreements to the rights to the design and manufacture of the original car. Gelscoe, others, are exact, or close as well.

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The SPF is not the most exact replica you can buy. Gelscoe Motorsport, Mirage and several others make very exact replicas but they are full of hard to get or reproduce parts. This level of exactitude does not come cheap but is essential if you want to get HTP papers so you can race in historic events. A Gelscoe car will cost £250,000+ or if you self build you will have to put in a lot of time and still a lot of money.
The SPF has a chassis which is made in the same way as the original cars. It is made from sheet mild steel with a very large number of pressings welded together. The fabrication of press tools to make these parts is a major task especially the very large roof pressing and this tool making is very expensive and difficult. These parts must then be accurately jigged up and welded the same way as original if it is to be accepted as correct.
As the SPF has been built in this way it is very close to original spec and has the steel cockpit spider whilst still being a reasonable price. Most replicas are steel tube spaceframes - GTD, Tornado, MDA, KVA, Southern GT etc. The RCR is a sheet aluminium monocoque but not a copy of the original complex construction. The CAV is a stainless steel monocoque but again a very different design to the complex original.
Generally the more accurate to the original the more it will cost. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
It very much depends on your budget and what you want to do with it. An exact original car will be great for racing but a bit of a pain on the road and if the tin worm gets in will be a toil to fix. Most replicas are road cars with a bit of track time for fun so are built with bigger, more torquey engines and nice things like aircon, engine management, better brakes, a bit of waterproofing etc.
If I may tag onto this thread, is it generally accepted the Superformance is the closest to the originals, hence the usage of the word 'continuation' ? I'm on the home stretch of eventually owning one, but had my sights set on SPF myself. Thoughts?
As has been discussed numerous times before, the SPF chassis is very close to the Abbey Panels/FAV unit with some changes to improve on-road use and control costs.

If "100%" authenticity is your goal, we are not it. Gelscoe, Mirage, etc. make a fabulous product that is is as close as you can get without being around in 1966 to purchase. Superformance can supply a chassis set up for HTP as an option (pre-66 solid rotors, etc.) if that is your goal. If you want an original type car with the driving experience of the FAV cars we can provide that while keeping you cool or warm with a HVAC system.

The real answer is there is no wrong choice. It is all dependant upon your wishes and expectations. For some a Tornado, for some a CAV, others a Southern GT and for deep pockets, Gelscoe..................
Wow thank you everyone. Lots of usefull info
I am still stuck on the CAV boxed welded s/steel chasis. Its a beaut!
I wont race and this really a father and son project. My budget doesnt allow to buy one complete off the shelf so dad and son will have to tinker in the garage.
I am looking at Mk1 (the 68,69 winner) but it doesnt have to be 100% authentic. I am more a +a/c + soundproofing + leather type of bloke :)
Le Mans GT40 period photos that I can find (not looking too hard) are all black and white. Anyone know what colours the 68/69 winners were? was it the Gulf Racing colours? And the no? 6 and 7?
Again, thanks for all the info everyone - most useful
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Which GT40 to buy??

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Great info, sorry for the 'wrong forum'. But i got what i needed ;-) Will post follow up once i get closer to ownership, as i now see there are WAY more replicas than i thought. Still diggin' Rick allowing me to test drive a SPF roller mk2 two years ago :)

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