Which Water Pump - 1971 Ford 302


Evening all
The water pump on my 1971 302 is the wrong one, to be fair I did ask for one not to be fitted but the guy fitted one he had free to stop and dirt, etc getting in and be able to spin the engine up to check oil pressure.
so which one fits best for a Southern GT? Paul Bav mentioned his is Edelbrock but not sure which model, Real Steel do this one
BYAW953H Airtex-aluminium- (*lh) £99.60 302 engine 1970-73 and- 302 eng 15/3/76-78 351W eng1970- 73


Cheers that is a point I missed....Never thought about the timing cover, will take a look


I assumed that's why he fitted one, I asked them to leave it off but he added one, never charged me for it so I never thought much about it :)

Eddy McClements

Hi Shaun

Timing cover reference:-

I'd be interested in the answer to the water pump question - there are some "shorty" pumps such as M-8501-E351S which might provide some much-needed extra room between the front of the engine and the SGT firewall.

Let us know how you get on.


Cheers Eddy
Mick at SGT says its a 8841 R/H pump I need have asked Real Steel, the markings on my timing cover are AF-RF-E7PE-6059-AA which does come up when I Google albeit with the AF- normally ignored.
I'll update once I know more, thanks again

Randy V

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Realizing this is slightly off-topic to the OPs question about 1971 302 - There is one timing cover not shown in the handy chart above. That’s the late Mustang 5.0 cover that also saw use in the Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer.
This is a very short cover/pump assembly that would work well in a GT, but you must use the special harmonic balancer with integral serpentine pulley..
((Pay no attention to red arrow, that was to illustrate something else))


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Short nose, uprated ally, weiand or edelbrock. Also need to take into consideration it will align with the pullies:)