Will I fit?

First real post but have been lurking for a while.

Here is my problem. I am 6'3" and about 285lbs. A wide body and long in the body as well. So not a little guy. And there are no SLC's close to me for a potential fitting. Do I forgo my dream or will I fit? I don't want to find out I am going have to drive with my head tilted to one side.

Another question is the ability to carry travel baggage. Not suitcases but soft bags for a weekend trip. I have seen comments from Fran saying the car is not designed as a GT car. So I am wondering if and how is issue is resolved without massive reengineering.

Thanks. Dan

Joel K


I am 250lbs 6’2” and also tall in torso and can fit but it’s close. I would recommend taking a flight to RCR and sit in the car and you will get a sense if you can fit and what getting in and getting out will be like.

I had the same question and decided to take the trip, it was worthwhile to see lots of the optional parts and a lot of fun seeing the various projects underway.

With regard to travel baggage that is true, there is zero storage however Rob Mesa and Rumbles relocated the radiators and made a front trunk.

You also may want to consider the GT-R, tons of room for a tall driver and much more room to make a front trunk.
Thank you for the quick reply, Joel

The relocating the radiators is something I would rather not do. Were I to go ahead with a SLC, that is the reengineering I am trying to avoid. I notice that Fran has expressed the opinion Rumbles car could not handle hard running without over heating. Rumble most likely disagrees with this. Perhaps purchasing his build book is a good place to start.

While a GT 40 is a great car for many, it doesn't have the appeal for me. I did notice Zakari built a SLC with a bubble but again too much change for my taste and probably skill.

I think a trip to RCR will be in my near future. I have to determine if I have the budget both time and finance wise. And to see if I can figure out how to shoehorn myself in comfortably.

Larry L.

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While a GT 40 is a great car for many, it doesn't have the appeal for me.
I believe Joel was referring to RCR's clone of the Robertson Racing 2005/2006 Ford GT LeMans racer, not a GT40, Dan.
That thing has quite a bit of room in it FOR OCCUPANTS...but, it is no 'touring car' either. Luggage goes in the passenger seat........or in a FedEx truck.

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Joel K

Thanks Larry, yes. I am referring to RCR’s version of the 2005/2006 Ford GT. The interior felt larger than my Challenger Hellcat. H-Craft’s build shows how he constructed a front trunk. Not very large but looks like an overnight bag could be stored.

I certainly would be more comfortable in the GT-R, but love the GTP/Group-C styling of the SL-C and willing to compromise on comfort. Even at 6’2 my seat seams to be fairly upright for me to fit without a helmet.
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I have custom "luggage" made to fit my car. I used it the Hot Rod Power Tour and the size was sufficient for a week's worth of clothes, etc. Essentially, the luggage is just custom cases that fit between the seats and the chassis. Since the SLC has an offset chassis, there is a left and a right.

So you can travel in the SLC. Just pack light, or Super Lite. :)

Larry L.

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True. But what if the car doesn't appeal to me?
Then the GT-R would be a non-starter, obviously. But, it's highly likely you'd FIT in one of those vs. even a modified SL-C.

I'm 5' - 8" / 163 lbs and getting in and out of the SL-C isn't easy for my OWN darned self. The combination of its w-i-d-e door sill and very low seating position (very similar to GT40s in that regard ) constitute the biggest 'challenges' in my own case. However, getting in and out of a Ford GT or Superlite GT-R (although both are similar to a GT40 in the aforementioned areas) isn't all that big of a deal for some reason...largely because of the difference in design of the doors and where they 'park' when fully opened. They seem to be a bit less in the way on a FGT or GT-R when getting in or out than they are on a Superlite SL-C . That said, there are a number of taller guys here who own SL-Cs and seemingly have no real issues getting in and out of theirs.

IMPO, torso-to-legs ratio is the key factor for taller guys...and given you stated that you are 'wide and long in the BODY', it would seem you really do need to 'test fit' yourself into someone's SL-C somewhere because being long in the torso obviously is going to be THEE factor that determines whether or not you'll have enough head room once you're seated. Seats can only be lowered just 'so much' (dropped floor pans...whatever).

Good luck, Dan. I hope you find a way to make things work. ;-)
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Joel K

Dan, just for reference at 6’2” my inseam is 34”. I would guess if your legs are longer than mine you will fit without a helmet with no issue. There is leg room with the extended foot box for at least another 4” of leg room and with reclining the seat or shifting it forward a little more you gain a bit more headroom. If you look at my build thread at post #71 you can see where the seats line up against the rear bulkhead and the relative angle I think the seats will go. Although this is still a work in process it shows that I would not be overly reclined in the car which I like.
There's a wiki article about this topic. Here's the link.
Thanks for that link. I remember reading that in one of my very early fists to the website and then forgot about it. The information in the article reinforces the need to visit RCR and have a talk and test fit there.

Thank you all for the support and quick answers

Now to think about the rest of the package!
For what it's worth, I'm 6'-0", 185lb and 33" inseam and I fit comfortably. My brother is 6'-2", around 220lb and while he can get in and fit in driver's seat, he said while he could drive it if he had to, he just wouldn't be comfortable going too far. His problem was that right knee is against the steering column cover.