Wilwood part #


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Are these the correct part #'s for the clutch and brake cylinders? Noticed a damp spot and assume one of them is leaking. Since the car is half apart now anyway I think I'll just replace all three. Want to make sure I've got the right ones.

BTW a car with 4K miles on it seems pretty low mile to have a failure already doesn't it? I flush the fluid each year. Thanks

Wilwood High-Performance Disc Brakes - Master Cylinders


Which is brake and clutch?
I've only had trouble with the clutch cylinder. The original clutch cylinder on mine was 6089 (3/4"). I changed to 6087 (5/8") to reduce pedal effort. I thought both brake masters were 6087, but I'm not sure.
Yes I do. I have an external slave though (7/8"). Don't know if a 5/8" mc would work with an internal concentric slave.


Are you using their reservoir too? It seems like many are having issues with the Wilwood cylinders and this should be a preemptive upgrade before the leaks begin.
I am in the middle of replacing my master cylinders with Tiltons. Several experts highly recommended them over Wilwoods. Clutch .700 & Brakes .625 & .700. Wondering what's the best way to flush the whole system before filling and bleeding new fluid? Changing to Tiltons three chamber reservoir mounted infront of a/c cover for easy access.